The Pillsbury Doughboy Open

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167 Participants

Pos Player Club Set Total R1 R2 R3 R4 Strokes Earnings Scores

Withdrawn Players

WGR Tour Player
Beginner canadaMike McLeod
Beginner canadaMarc Sykes
CC-Z united-states-of-americaTanner Moore
Beginner united-states-of-americaMark Crim
406 united-states-of-americaNick Bonadio
1169 CC-G united-states-of-americaTarl Smith
1539 CC-B canadaMike Stewart
1640 CC-C united-states-of-americaPaul Irvin
1756 CC-F united-states-of-americaTony Mooney
1840 CC-E united-states-of-americaBrent Peacock
1856 CC-Z united-states-of-americaNicholas Miller
1876 CC-G scotlandNigel Poll
1901 CC-F united-states-of-americaPatrick Will
1906 CC-G walesDaniel Baish
1909 CC-F united-states-of-americaChristopher Wolf
1960 CC-D united-states-of-americaJohn Pritchard
2272 CC-Z united-states-of-americaTaylor Huff
2323 CC-G englandCharlie Wye
2462 CC-Z united-states-of-americaRob Marcinek
2466 CC-G united-kingdomPaul Carter
2717 CC-Z united-states-of-americaBrad Hamilton