TGCT Promotion Event #2 starts February 11th!
TGCT Promotion Event #2 - Overview
There will be many promotion slots available during Promotion Event #2 (Week 15).  If you are looking to move up the TGCT tours you should make it a priority to participate. 
  • TGCTours (Special Events) society will host the event
  • Master clubs required all 4 rounds to be eligible for PGA, European or Tour promotion slots
  • Pro Club users can promote up to a max of CC-A
  • All active TGCT members are eligible to participate in this event (even those with demotion strikes)

Each tour will be monitored for active users. The average field size in the 4 weeks leading up to a Promotion Event will dictate whether that tour will be topped up. If the average field size is below the ideal field size (see below) we'll add those slots to the Promotional Event.

There will be a trickle down effect as people promote up from various tours/flights - we'll do our best to ensure that following a Promotion Event each tour/flight will meet the ideal field size going forward.
  • Every member that meets the entry requirements will be auto-registered
  • Participation is optional
  • PGA players are excluded since they can not promote any further
  • you can play both your regular tour event and the promotional event
  • You can promote through multiple flights/tours with good play
TGCT Promotion Event #2 - Slots available
Here are the updated tour sizes heading into Event #2. Slots available are now firmed up.

Ideal Tour Size/AVG Field Size/Slots Available
PGA 130/120=10 slots available  **updated**
Euro 155/111=44
Web 155/137=18
CCA 160/122=38
CCB 160/130=30
CCC 160/143=17
CCD 160/190=negative 30
CCE 140/171=negative 31
CCF 140/150=negative 10
CCG 140/135=5
CCZ 140/193
Promotion Event #2 Course:  Royal Ballylough 2019
Promotion/Demotion - Adjustments for Challenge Circuit
Adjusting to current participation levels - we're going to tweak where demotion marks start on the Challenge Circuit starting the week following the Promotion Event #2 (Week 16)

Old values in brackets
*Challenge Circuit*
If you have no movement marks:
Winner = auto-promoted
Top 20 = +1 movement mark
120-139 = -1 movement mark (140-179)
140+, DQ/WD = -2 movement marks (180+)

If you have positive movement marks:
Winner = Auto-Promoted
Top 20 = +1 movement mark
101-139 = -1 movement mark (101-179)
140+, DQ/WD = -2 movement marks (180+)

If you have negative movement marks:
Winner = auto-promoted
2-100 = +1 movement mark
120-139 = -1 movement mark (140-179)
140+, DQ/WD = -2 movement marks (180+) (edited) 
For reference:  TGCT Promotion Event #1 RESULTS