Welcome to TGC Tours!

Please note that we will switch to TGC 2019 in for Season 5. Regular Q-School is unavailable as we are in between seasons.  We will begin Season 5 with a site-wide Q-School for which all members will be automatically registered.  You just need to have a TGCTours.com account to participate.
Hi new members!  Welcome to TGC Tours.  There is a lot to take in before starting your TGC Tours career.  Most of you will need to register for Q-School and get a tour card before you can begin playing official TGC Tours events.  

Best to read all our Rules/Policies as there are policies regarding chipping on greens, Fair Play, promotions/demotions, sponsor exemption's and more that you should be familiar with prior to starting.

I've copy/paste the section on Q-School below to get you started - good luck!

Step-By-Step Instructions for Earning Your TGC Tours Card

Q-School Details

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