We have changed the promotion mark logic for the Challenge Circuit.  It was in effect prior to us finalizing Week 27.  Details below:

Old Promotion Mark logic:
  • Top 20 plus ties in CC-Am/CC-Pro got promotion mark (regardless of clubset used)
New Promotion Mark Logic:
  • CC-A: Top 15 Master clubs and Top 5 Pro clubs get promotion mark (plus ties)
  • CC-B through CC-Z: Top 10 Master clubs and Top 10 Pro clubs get promotion mark (plus ties)
  • CC-A winner will only auto-promote if they use Master Clubs or the win gives them 5+ Promotion Marks
  • If CC-A winner used pro clubs only 1 promo mark given

Still to Come:
We'll be adding the following filters to our leaderboards:
  • Pro/Master (these filters will be on CC-Pro/CC-Am leaderboards)
  • PS4/XB1/PC (these filters will be on all TGCT leaderboards)
I've also put in a request to have a Movement Mark column added to all final leaderboards that show who got promotion marks and demotion marks from that specific event.

For the majority of the Challenge Circuit we've given each clubset an equal shot at earning a promotion mark.  This is the fairest way to disperse promotion marks in our current structure.

In CC-A we've put a higher priority on Master Clubs.  The next step up the ladder (Web.com) requires them be used. Ideally we'll get more people switching from Pro to Master Clubs on CC-A since there will be a better chance to earn a promotion mark that way.  Those that prefer Pro clubs should have a longer time promoting out of CC-A before being forced to use the Master clubset.

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