Video Highlights!
We've added a new feature that should be lots of fun!  You can now upload your highlights to YouTube! and link them to your scorecard - to the exact round and hole it was taken from!  We will be adding more functionality to this in the future but for now you can start uploading today!

When viewing your personal hole-by hole scorecard:
  • click the Upload Hole Highlights link
  • fill out the Round/Hole info
  • copy the URL from YouTube!
  • click Upload Highlight
If done correctly you will get a message saying the video was uploaded successfully.  You will now have an icon on the specifc hole where you can view the highlight.

An example of an uploaded highlight is on my scorecard - Round 3, 18th hole

1.  Click the Upload Highlight link (beside Show Hole by Hole Stats)

2.  Fill out the form

This is the portion of the YouTube! URL you need to copy

After successfully uploading the highlight, clicking on the icon beside the score on R3, Hole 18 will pop-up the video

Other Updates
  • WGR page had a new column added that shows how many points you gained/lost in the past week
  • members on exemption will no longer be able to register for minor events on the PGA/European Tours - no tour cards are given out for those events - message will pop up saying as much and to use the exemption another week