PGA 2K21 Golf Course


For the 2020-2021 Season

Qualifying Event

Registration opens on Saturday, September 19th.

The 2021 season will begin with a site-wide Qualifying Event to be held beginning September 20th. Everyone, including new players and prior card holders, will be eligible to participate in this event. Those with tour cards from prior seasons no longer have tour cards and must participate in Qualifying to earn a new one.

If you miss the qualifying event, you will be eligible to participate in the weekly Qualifying Pool for a limited number of available spots each week. Players without a tour card may participate in the Qualifying Pool each week until they place well enough to earn a tour card.

New players, you may register an account now, if you wish. Registrations for the initial Qualifying Event will open on Saturday, September 19th.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to participate in the exhibition events that are on-going in our TGCTours societies. Search for TGCTours in the societies menu of the game to find our societies.