The Golf4All Memorial Cup

Leaderboard Thru Round 4 (Cut Line: 0)

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  Denotes Demotion Strikes

179 Participants

Pos Player Club Set Total R1 R2 R3 R4 Strokes Earnings Scores

Withdrawn Players

WGR Tour Player
726 CC-A walesMatthew Quick
918 CC-A united-states-of-americaMike Giantasio
931 CC-B united-states-of-americaBenny Griffey
961 CC-Z united-states-of-americaScott Ratteerree
966 CC-G united-states-of-americaZack Anderson
968 CC-D englandGary Wood
1116 CC-B englandPhil Mattey
1252 CC-D englandPhilip McKaigg
1570 CC-C united-kingdomKeith Payne
1985 CC-Z united-states-of-americaJustin Konoske