Official TGC TOURS Bylaws

UPDATE: 5/23/2018

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I. Organization.

a. Name. The name of the organization shall be "TGC TOURS" (hereinafter referred to as "TGC Tours").

b. Purpose. The purpose of TGC Tours is to provide a realistic, fun, interactive, and competitive online golf simulation organization through the medium of various tours and tournaments conducted and played on HB Stuidos' "The Golf Club" game, on personal computer (PC), Xbox 1 ("XB1"), and Playstation 4 ("PS4").

c. Disclaimer.

i. HB Studios. TGC Tours has no official affiliation with HB Studios whatsoever. TGC Tours operates separately and distinctly from HB Studios, except for standard customer support that may be provided by HB Studios at TGC Tours' request. Opinions expressed by TGC Tours are in no way reflective of HB Studios and vice versa.

ii. The PGA Tour, PGA of America, United States Golf Association, R&A, Tour, European Tour, Champions Tour, Augusta National Golf Club, The Masters Tournament, and The Tavistock Cup. TGC Tours has no official affiliation with any of the aforementioned organizations listed in the preamble of this Section I(c)(ii). Pursuant to United States copyright law and the Doctrine of Fair Use, TGC Tours use of any names of tournaments, tours, organizations, or the like, is solely for parody. None of the aforementioned organizations have given approval for usage of their copyrighted material, and TGC Tours has derived no benefit, economic or otherwise, from the use of these names and likenesses, except to create a realistic online golfing simulation experience for its Members. Opinions expressed by TGC Tours are in no way reflective of any of the aforementioned organizations and vice versa.

II. Composition.

a. TGC Tours Officers and Staff.

i. Officials. TGC Tours shall be administered by various TGC Tours Officials ("Officials"), which at no time shall be less than five (5), nor greater than (7). All Officials shall have equal voting power on any matter of concern for TGC Tours.

1. Titles. Officials shall be titled as follows:

a. Chief Executive Officer. (Tim Owens)

b. Chief of Web Design. (Jeff Reese)

c. Chief of Tournament Administration. (Scott Doyley)

d. Any other Officials created from time to time in accordance with the amendment procedures of these bylaws.

2. Voting. A simple majority is required to enact any proposed course of action. A quorum is insufficient to enact any official business. All Officials must vote on an issue within a reasonable time from proposal. Voting can be done by proxy and will usually be conducted by remote, online means. As long as all Officials agree, these voting standards are sufficient to enact official TGC Tours business. In the event of a tie, the Chief Executive Officer shall cast the deciding vote.

3. Removal. TGC Tours Officials may only be removed upon unanimous vote by all other Officials, and the infringing Official must be given notice and an opportunity to be heard prior to removal.

4. Selection. New TGC Tours Officials may be nominated by any current TGC Tours Official, and an Official vote of unanimous approval is required to induct any new TGC Tours Official.

ii. Staff. From time to time, and at the discretion of the Officials, Staff Members may be added to TGC Tours to assist the Officials in carrying out TGC Tours business. Such Staff may be necessary for streamlining leaderboard verification processes across all platforms, assisting the Chief(s) of Course Design and Submission with course rating and reviewing, and any other tasks the Officials deem necessary. Addition of Staff Members requires approval of the Officials. Staff Members shall not have voting rights on official TGC Tours business. Staff Members are subject to removal by a simple majority vote of TGC Tour Officials and are not entitled to any due process beforehand.

b. Tournament Members. TGC Tours shall maintain a list of registered Members who are eligible to compete at various levels of tournament play through TGC Tours. TGC Tours requires that all Members register through the TGC Tours website in order to gain initial eligibility. Members must read and agree to these bylaws and actively stipulate to the same before completing registration.

i. Tour Eligibility. Members are only eligible to compete on certain tournaments and under certain conditions. These conditions are subject to change and therefore may be referenced in their most current state here (link). These tour eligibility requirements are hereafter incorporated by reference as if a part of this document in full, subject only to the exception that their amendment is not subject to the amendment process outlined in Section V of these bylaws, but rather at the sole and absolute discretion of TGC Tours Officials, who will give notice upon changes to the requirements in public forums.

c. Golf Course Designers. TGC Tours shall maintain a database of original golf course designs created using the Greg Norman Course Designer.

i. Standards. The maintenance of this database shall be the primary responsibility of the Chief(s) of Course Design and Submissions. Registered TGC Tour Members may submit their golf course designs to be considered by TGC Tour Officials for use in TGC Tours events. Golf Course Designers represent upon submission of their design, using the official submission process, that the work they are submitting is solely their own (unless otherwise indicated), and that the golf course design submission meets minimum standards of quality and playability for use in a TGC Tours event. Designers further represent that they have read and understand the Golf Course Design Submission Guidelines (found here) prior to submitting their course.

ii. Playability. Designers whose courses are selected by TGC Tours Officials for use in a TGC Tours event may be asked to make changes and re-submit their design, if necessary, in the sole and absolute discretion of TGC Tours, for the equitable and fair playability of the design across all platforms, including but not limited to: reducing object planting to decrease FPS lag, adjusting daylight to reduce shadows on greens, adjusting green speeds or slopes, adjusting course firmness, moving pin locations, moving tee boxes, or the like. TGC Tours Officials hereby agree to attempt to preserve the original design to the extent possible, and will only ask the Designer to make changes to their course submissions if absolutely necessary to promote fairness.

d. No Mutual Exclusivity. TGC Tours Officials, Staff, Tournament Members, and Golf Course Designers are all eligible to participate in tournament play, subject to the eligibility requirements then current.

i. Conflicts of Interest. TGC Tours takes conflict of interest considerations very seriously, and will not jeopardize the integrity of a tournament by unfairly, arbitrarily, or capriciously making any rulings on a tournament matter such as scoring, scorecard submission, tournament glitches outside of TGC Tours' control, or deciding in favor of a TGC Tour Official or Staff Member without conducting a thorough investigation and publishing a summary of the findings.

III. Member Behavior Expectations and Consequences for Rule Infractions.

a. Mutual Respect Among Members. TGC Tours strives to preserve and protect the centuries-old notion of golf as a game where sportsmanship and self-respect are the pillars upon which all the rules of the game are built. TGC Tours expects from all of its Officials, Staff, Members and Designers that only sportsmanlike and courteous interactions will take place on the course, in the forums, when reviewing courses, and elsewhere.

b. General. No malicious, derogatory, degrading, racist, sexist, homophobic, offensive, harassing, or otherwise hostile comments will be tolerated by TGC Tours. Failure to follow this rule will be punished by immediate suspension of the Member's account. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned from TGC Tours. A serious or aggravated first-time offense may result in an immediate, permanent ban, without notice to the offender. Please report all issues of this type to

c. Tournament Play; Scorecard Submission. TGC Tours requires all members to submit their scorecards to the TGC Tours website. This requirement emulates the real-life notion of "signing one's scorecard" at the end of the round to verify its accuracy.

i. Timing. Scorecards must be submitted by the tournament deadline. The deadline will be clearly posted on the TGC Tours website, and will typically correspond with the time at which the tournament expires within The Golf Club. Failure to submit your scorecard(s) by the deadline will result in a Disqualification (DQ) from the tournament, and may result in removal from future consideration for sponsor's exemptions.

ii. Accuracy. You must submit accurate scores for each round of the tournament. These scores will be verified by TGC Tours' Chief of Tournament Administration. Failure to submit accurate scores will result in Disqualification (DQ) from the tournament and an investigation. If the scorecard submitted in error is due to cheating or an attempt to cheat of any kind, the Member will be permanently banned from TGC Tours and their account suspended immediately.

iii. Reporting of Issues. TGC Tours cannot control tournament glitches and must rely on HB Studios to maintain the tournament's integrity to the extent HB Studios is able. If a Member is having an issue with a tournament glitch or inaccurate scoring, it is the Member's sole obligation to send an email to outlining the issue in detail and bringing it to the attention of TGC Tours. TGC Tours will then investigate the issue and come to a conclusion on how best to deal with the issue. TGC Tours makes no representations of any kind that TGC Tours will be able to resolve all issues to the satisfaction of the Member, and must do only what it can within TGC Tours' ability take corrective action.

IV. Country Club Membership.

a. Member Clubs. In order to create camaraderie and a more competitive environment on TGC Tours, Members have the option, upon registration, to join one of the elite country clubs ("Member Clubs") on The Golf Club. Member Clubs will compete annually in the Tavistock Cup.

i. List of Member Clubs. The list of Member Clubs is updated annually.

ii. Membership. Upon registration, any Member of TGC Tours can choose to be part of a Member Club. Membership is limited to the first twenty-five (25) registrants for each club. There is no application process for club membership; Members are automatically a part of the club for at least one (1) PGA Tour season. Members have the option, at the end of each PGA Tour season, to either renew their membership in their current club (if it remains on the list of Member Clubs) or to change their membership to a new club (if there are openings in the new club).

V. Amendment Procedures.

a. These Bylaws may be amended using the following procedure:

i. Proposal for Amendment. Any TGC Tours Official may raise a Proposal for Amendment by notifying the other Officials, in writing by or Basecamp discussion, of their proposal.

ii. Discussion. Each Proposal for Amendment shall be discussed among TGC Tours Officials and vetted thoroughly.

iii. Call to Vote and Voting. After discussion of the Proposed Amendment, the Chief Executive Officer may call the Amendment to a vote. At that time, each TGC Official shall cast a vote on the Amendment. A simple majority will be required to pass an Amendment. In the event an Amendment vote is tied, the Chief Executive Officer shall cast the deciding vote on the Amendment.

iv. Implementation. If the Amendment is accepted by the TGC Officials, the Amendment shall then become part of the Bylaws, and shall be indicated as such at the end of the document, starting with "Amendment 1." The full text of the Amendment must be set forth, and the text of the Bylaws that is changed by the Amendment shall be shown below the Amendment text using strikethough font to indicate the language as it was before the Amendment and how it is phrased after the Amendment.

b. Items NOT Subject to Amendment. The tournament procedures, tour eligibility requirements, Qualifying School (Q-School) rules, course design submission procedures, and course rating system need not be amended through this Bylaw Amendment procedure, but may be changed upon informal agreement by TGC Tours Officials for the purposes of maintaining a fluid and expedient tour management process.