Victor Lane

PLAYER: Victor Lane found the golf video gaming community in February of 2017 after hearing about The Golf Club from a friend and instantly fell in love with the realism of the title as compared to the more arcade style games from EA Sports. After a few casual rounds with friends, he then discovered the TGCTours community online and immediately enjoyed the concept of a realistic career mode for a golf game. After becoming a TGCT member Victor moved from CC-D to Platinum in The Golf Club title with a couple victories in the Challenge Circuit before settling in on the Elite Tour for much of TGC2. Vic found the new tempo swing in TGC2019 rather difficult to play, originally having his goals set at Platinum level golf once again, but after struggling on Elite and dropping to Kinetic, he decided to join the Beer League, where he returned to the winner's lounge once again! After the release of PGATOUR2K21, TGCTours held a qualifying event for all players and Victor reached the Kinetic Tour once again, where he currently holds a playing card at this time. DESIGNER: Some of Victor's biggest enjoyment in the 2K golf franchise community comes from being involved in course design. After getting his feet wet with some novice designs in TGC1, Vic was a staple in TGCTours course design contests, and even had two designs selected by HB Studios as official courses to be included in The Golf Club 2019, with Devon Quarry Country Club and The Club at Ravenswood, the latter keeping its slot as an official course for PGATOUR2K21. Victor is always willing to engage with the design community or help novice designers, so feel free to ask questions on any of the platforms you can connect with him on. CONTENT CREATOR: Over the last couple years Victor has grown the @VctryLnSprts brand on platforms such as Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube as a result of fantastic community engagement with his course designs, having over 2.5 million plays throughout his catalog in TGC2019 prior to the release of PGATOUR2K21. One of his favorite things to do is collaborate with other designers to expand content to the community, whether that's through course design, highlight clips featured on Twitter, or unique contests not being done anywhere else. In 2020 Victor partnered with 2K as a NextMaker in the PGATOUR2K21 franchise, giving him the opportunity to share his knowledge of the game with the developers and focus on being part of a bright future to video game golf with 2K. In May of 2021 Vic had several course designs featured in-game through the Divot Derby and multiplayer modes, with more exciting things to come!

PGA 2k21 Courses

Course Name Theme Par Status Likes
Devon Quarry Desert 72 Approved
The Club at Ravenswood Autumn 72 On Tour
2018 The Lake of Bays Classic on CC-A
Lybster Isles Highlands 72 On Tour
2018 Oceanic Airlines Open on CC-A
The Chastener Rustic 71 On Tour
2018 RBC Canadian Open on Platinum
Old Gobhar Farms Rustic 72 On Tour
2019 Amazon Prime Golf Classic on CC-A
Devon Lakes Swiss 72 On Tour
2019 Mexican Invitational on Platinum
Old Buckhead Boreal 70 On Tour
2019 Morocco Trophee II on Elite
Carolina Mantis Club Boreal 73 On Tour
2019 France Open on Elite
Dauphin Highlands (LiDAR) Countryside 72 On Tour
2019 Summer Showdown on Beer League
Gator Creek Country Club Tropical 72 On Tour
2021 Steamin Willie Beamen Shark Charity Classic on CC-A
Ember Ridge Backyard Harvest 63 On Tour
2019 Eliminated Invitational - Event #2 on Platinum
Reston Hills Country Club Countryside 72 On Tour
2020 Farmers Open on Platinum
Hallstatt Golf Club Swiss 72 On Tour
2020 Muscat Open on Elite
Beaver Lodge Golf Club Highlands 72 On Tour
2020 The Couch Potato Classic Sponsored by Lays on CC-E
Helmsley Castle Golf Club Countryside 71 On Tour
2020 Shakeweight Invitational on CC-A
Himo Village Golf Club Boreal 72 On Tour
2021 Lions Open on Elite
Mayapple Golf (LiDAR) Countryside 71 Tour Worthy
Walking Stick Delta 73 On Tour
2021 Johnny McPhee's Challenge Trophee on Beer League
Pinewood CC (Tourney) Boreal 70 On Tour
2021 Nick Skelton Seniors Championship on Beer League
Pinnacle Ridge (Tourney) Steppe 72 On Tour
2021 Morocco Trophee II on Elite
Black Grouse Golf Club Highlands 72 On Tour
2021 Rickard's Red Open on Beer League
Twelve Souls Golf Club Boreal 72 On Tour
2022 World Golf Hall of Fame Open on CC-A

TGC 2019 Courses

Course Name Theme Par Status Likes