PGA 2K23 Golf Course

TGCTours Official 2K23 Course List

DateCourse NameThemeDesigner NameOn Tour?Real?Lidar?Video?Likes
2/22/2018Black Lake GC MichaginBoreal Albert Marriott77 Like Review
7/2/2019Fitzherbert Estates GCCountrysideLou Webster51 Like Review
4/24/2016The Davies Course at Troon WestDesert Mark Davies34 Un-LikeReview
7/21/2018Hickory Creek GC (Tour)Boreal Matthew Fritsch31 Like Review
10/30/2022Ghosts of AppalachiaBoreal Scott Robertson21 Like Review
3/6/2021Rocky PlateauAutumn Michael Conner20 Like Review
2/13/2017Boca del PrincipeDeltaDominique Bois18 Like Review
10/22/2020Chiang Mai, ThailandDeltaGareth Irvine17 Like Review
8/8/2020Evangelist GC (Tourney)TropicalJeremy Mayo15 Like Review
5/24/2020Smugglers' Nest GCAlpine Walther Habemann15 Like Review
1/28/2020Pontefract GC - (Champ)CountrysideAnthony Martin15 Like Review
7/17/2017K Club Co. Kildare EireHarvestAlbert Marriott15 Like Review
11/11/2022TPC LongbowDesert Chase Kelly14 Like Review
10/23/2021TQC Lido GC LiDARHighlandsRobert Spivey14 Like Review
9/2/2020New South Wales GC (Tour)DeltaGareth Irvine14 Like Review
11/15/2022Country Club @ PocotaligoDeltaBroc Everett13 Like Review
8/6/2017Harbour Town Heritage CourseDeltaAlbert Marriott13 Like Review
7/25/2017Mission Hills Rancho Mirage CA.TropicalAlbert Marriott13 Like Review
7/20/2017Banff Springs Fairmont AlbertaAlpine Albert Marriott13 Like Review
8/15/2022Kashmir Golf ResortDesert Alec Pendleton12 Like Review
10/5/2020Conrad CC New HampshireHarvestTodd Richardson12 Like Review
9/16/2020The Victoria GC (Tour)Boreal Gareth Irvine12 Like Review
11/24/2018GC Welpe VechtaRural Walther Habemann12 Like Review
6/20/2022Al Barsha - SeasDesert Ben Page11 Like Review
4/12/2022Appleton ParkBoreal Matthew Fritsch11 Like Review
2/28/2022Old Wickham HeathBoreal Ben Page11 Like Review
9/21/2021The Garden of EdenBoreal Aron Spencer 11 Like Review
8/23/2021Meltham and District GCDeltaLou Webster11 Like Review
7/30/2021Nauset LinksHighlandsBrian Ross11 Like Review
5/2/2021Remanent 1824DeltaCorey Gautereaux11 Like Review
9/16/2020Cardinal Pines Golf ClubBoreal Pico Heelis11 Like Review
10/29/2022El Camaleon GC - MexicoTropicalRay Floyd10 Like Review
5/12/2022The Open at St.Jude'sHighlandsAli Calder10 Like Review
8/31/2021Kingsway Country ClubTropicalZach Murphy10 Like Review
7/24/2021Red Hawk Lakes GC (LiDAR)Autumn coyoTkid Chad10 Like Review
1/1/2021Asilomar CCDeltaQuinlan Roche10 Like Review
12/21/2020Playa SaonaDesert Ben Page10 Like Review
11/3/2020Logfell LakeBoreal Jaron Pauls10 Like Review
10/8/2020Buchholzer ParkRural Walther Habemann10 Like Review
9/18/2020Peninsula Kingswood TourDeltaGareth Irvine10 Like Review
6/7/2020Burgundy BluffsHighlandsMatthew Fritsch10 Like Review
3/21/2020Avery Fields Golf Club-TCountrysideRob Wilson10 Like Review
2/1/2020TPC BadlandsSteppeChris Bates10 Like Review
3/15/2019Purgatory Golf Club (L)CountrysideTerry Grayson10 Like Review
2/26/2019Freedom PeaksDeltaJack Reed10 Like Review
10/17/2018The Coeur d'Alene ResortHighlandsKonsta Kokkonen10 Like Review
11/12/2022Pigeon Forge Golf ResortBoreal Danny Vaughn9 Like Review
11/12/2022Norway Fjord ClubHighlandsNicholas Mohilowski9 Like Review
11/8/2022The Old 38th ClubHighlandsChuck Gunsaullus9 Like Review
9/17/2022Elstead Heath GCBoreal Charlie Davies9 Like Review
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