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DateCourse NameThemeMy PlaysDesigner NameStatusOn Tour?Real?Video?Likes
8/30/2018Bradley Suaad Golf CourseCountryside0Marc FischerApproved0 Like Review
8/24/2018Charlotte’s Pass Country ClubBoreal 0Chris BroadbentApproved0 Like Review
8/17/2018High Elms Golf ClubCountryside0Jim Argent Approved0 Like Review
8/13/2018Palm Breakers G.CTropical0Ryan N. NelsonApproved0 Like Review
8/3/2018Sgian Dubh at Arkinholm Highlands0Pat O'DellApproved0 Like Review
7/17/2018OGGK 1999Rustic0Christian LundhApproved0 Like Review
7/12/2018KarukeraTropical0Dominique BoisApproved0 Like Review
7/9/2018Trout River at Bootleg GapRural 0Tom RauschApproved0 Like Review
7/8/2018Wolf Trail at Illinois State Autumn 0Pat O'DellApproved0 Like Review
7/5/2018The Palms on Pleasure IslandTropical0Greg HutchisonApproved0 Like Review
7/1/2018TPC Eagle Pass @ PuebloAlpine 0Don SchultzApproved0 Like Review
6/29/2018Villa Hills CC Estates-2018Rustic0Jesse EaddyApproved0 Like Review
6/24/2018Sweetwater Ridge Golf ClubAlpine 0John FischerApproved0 Like Review
6/9/2018Coyote Flats G.C.Delta0Leo BaileyApproved0 Like Review
5/11/2018The Ross Club of DetroitRustic0Craig LeVasseurApproved0 Like Review
5/5/2018The Shores at Gondawana GCDelta0Roy HowellApproved0 Like Review
5/5/2018Almhult GK (tour)Autumn 0Christian LundhApproved0 Like Review
4/28/2018Isla Nebupar (T-Rex Course)Tropical0Gordon BrownApproved0 Like Review
4/21/2018Club Deportivo Nacional de CubaTropical0Chuck GunsaullusApproved0 Like Review
4/20/2018Shrewsbury Fields-Shrewsbury, PAHarvest0Adam GroveApproved0 Like Review
4/19/2018Brookside Village G.C.Rustic0Leo BaileyApproved0 Like Review
4/18/2018Dambulla Golfing SocietyTropical0Tom RauschApproved0 Like Review
4/17/2018Fort Lonesome BayBoreal 0Dominique BoisApproved0 Like Review
4/13/2018Royal Blackheath Golf ClubCountryside0Jim Argent Approved0 Like Review
4/13/2018Harbor Pine Golf ClubRustic0Mike EnglederApproved0 Like Review
4/9/2018Garden Valley (Dogwood Course)Boreal 0Phillip WeisApproved0 Like Review
4/2/2018TPC Rocky Mountain HighAlpine 0Don SchultzApproved0 Like Review
4/2/2018Claymore Course at Arkinholm (Tour)Highlands0Pat O'DellApproved0 Like Review
3/30/2018Logging Creek GCSwiss0Tommy CroskreyApproved0 Like Review
3/27/2018Southlake G.C.Boreal 0Leo BaileyApproved0 Like Review
3/21/2018Blackstone HillsDelta0Danny VaughnApproved0 Like Review
3/20/2018Brandiwyne Village Golf ClubRustic0Jesse EaddyApproved0 Like Review
3/12/2018Tranquility Cove Country ClubRustic0Lloyd JonesApproved0 Like Review
3/2/2018Ravines GC Rustic0Pat O'DellApproved0 Like Review
2/27/2018dormie house Knight EntranceHighlands0Bruce SlagleApproved0 Like Review
2/19/2018Middlemore Country Club Rustic0Gary WadeApproved0 Like Review
2/14/2018Twelve Bridges CC verdera course Rustic0Zack SimptonApproved0 Like Review
2/14/2018Binnington NiddrieHighlands0Jamie BinningApproved0 Like Review
2/7/2018Clover Basin GC tournament editHighlands0Mark RossApproved0 Like Review
1/25/2018Bryce National GCSteppe0Phil FaldoApproved0 Like Review
1/4/2018Legend Course @ Hickory CreekRustic0Leo BaileyApproved0 Like Review
1/4/2018Sly Park Country ClubHarvest0Zack SimptonApproved0 Like Review
1/4/2018East Satawket Christmas HollidayWinter0Tom RauschApproved0 Like Review
1/3/2018Los Angeles Gof Club FinalSteppe0Zack SimptonApproved0 Like Review
12/22/2017Tendergrass GC& Luxury ComplexCountryside0Bruce SlagleApproved0 Like Review
12/17/2017Manahawkin White Water ReserveBoreal 0Tom RauschApproved0 Like Review
12/13/2017Ingleside on the Bay G.C.Tropical0Leo BaileyApproved0 Like Review
11/11/2017Silverbird NationalRustic0Adam HillApproved0 Like Review
10/9/2017Green Grotto Golf ResortDelta0Gordon BrownApproved0 Like Review
10/3/2017Royal ShougleithHighlands0Adam HillApproved0 Like Review