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DateCourse NameThemeMy PlaysDesigner NameStatusOn Tour?Real?Video?Likes
12/20/2017Laredo Farms Golf ClubCountryside0Jason RichardsonApproved3 Like Review
12/20/2017West Country GCRustic0Joe GreenhalghApproved0 Like Review
12/20/2017Walton Golf Oconee Hills Autumn 0Craig BryantApproved2 Like Review
12/18/2017Royal Coffer Country ClubHarvest0Dale BurgerApproved4 Like Review
12/17/2017Manahawkin White Water ReserveBoreal 0Tom RauschApproved0 Like Review
12/16/2017Oakfield City Golf & CCLinks 0Eskil WalnumApproved2 Like Review
12/16/2017Shuush Falls Countryside0Jeff WinterApproved6 Like Review
12/16/2017The Carolina Sporting ClubHarvest0Charlie DavisApproved3 Like Review
12/16/2017Mullion CliffsHighlands0Jeremy HolmeApproved3 Like Review
12/14/2017Links del Pinet - TourDelta0Pablo AlonsoApproved3 Like Review
12/13/2017Ingleside on the Bay G.C.Tropical0Leo BaileyApproved0 Like Review
12/13/2017Aviao MontanhaDesert 0Graham WebsterApproved1 Like Review
12/10/2017Chatham Club of Vancouver IslanHighlands0Tom RauschApproved4 Like Review
12/9/2017Greens at Harmony LakeCountryside0Dave MastApproved3 Like Review
12/7/2017Steamerland NationalWinter0Andrew HobsonApproved0 Like Review
12/6/2017Royal Bunting Golf ClubAutumn 0Lars DaleApproved6 Like Review
12/6/2017Valley of the LostSteppe0Christopher TaylorApproved2 Like Review
12/5/2017Lamp Lighter Harbor - FinalHighlands0Roger RamjetApproved4 Like Review
12/5/2017Deux Ponts G.CAlpine 0James Argent Approved1 Like Review
12/3/2017Branston Lakes Golf ClubCountryside0Graham WebsterApproved9 Like Review
12/2/2017Panamint Park (mid-day)Steppe0Henrik SundqvistApproved4 Like Review
12/1/2017The Parish Golf ClubCountryside0Jeremy HolmeApproved2 Like Review
11/26/2017Sunridge Canyon GC (Elite)Desert 0Phillip WeisApproved1 Like Review
11/25/2017Campbells RunBoreal 0Wayne AdamsApproved5 Like Review
11/25/2017Tatter's End Municipal GCCountryside0Lou WebsterApproved4 Like Review
11/25/2017The KnollsDelta0John IvesApproved9 Like Review
11/22/2017Black Swan Golf ClubSteppe0Adam HillApproved3 Like Review
11/22/2017J.W. Pine Hills No. 2 (Tour)Boreal 0Jason WhiteApproved4 Like Review
11/22/2017Old Hickory Hills - Tour EditionAutumn 0Michael FloodApproved7 Like Review
11/18/2017Lamar Valley G.C.Countryside0Ryan N. NelsonApproved2 Like Review
11/17/2017Scarecrow's Harvest Harvest0Christopher TaylorApproved12 Like Review
11/14/2017Old Tom's FerryBoreal 0Brian JeffordsApproved6 Like Review
11/14/2017The Club at GreenleafRustic0Antonio ScarpacciApproved5 Like Review
11/14/2017Norsewood Golf Club (Tour)Autumn 0Jason FowlerApproved2 Like Review
11/14/2017Coronado Athletic ClubBoreal 0Matthew FritschApproved10 Like Review
11/14/2017Royal Anderson Country ClubHighlands0Rob RgasonApproved2 Like Review
11/14/2017Valle Dello Stelvio, ItalySwiss0Gordon BrownApproved3 Like Review
11/13/2017Sunset Valley G.C.Boreal 0Leo BaileyApproved1 Like Review
11/13/2017GUNWHARF QUAYSHarvest0Phil KelleyApproved1 Like Review
11/13/2017Quarry Course at Quinns FallsRustic0David DixApproved2 Like Review
11/13/2017The SteeplechaseSwiss0Curt SmithApproved3 Like Review
11/13/2017Acacia National Golf Club 2018Delta0Patrick LawlessApproved1 Like Review
11/13/2017TGC-France(Web Tour)Countryside0Dominique BoisApproved6 Like Review
11/11/2017Silverbird NationalRustic0Adam HillApproved0 Like Review
11/10/2017Kankakee Valley C.CRustic0Mark DaviesApproved1 Like Review
11/7/2017Walton Golf Ogden Marsh (Sunny)Boreal 0Craig BryantApproved4 Like Review
11/7/2017The Winfrey Resort & SpaRustic0Chris NelsonApproved4 Like Review
11/4/2017The Machrihan DunesHighlands0Kenneth CavanaApproved3 Like Review
10/30/2017Peconic Dunes (Tour)Highlands0Danny ScaranoApproved5 Like Review
10/30/2017Celebration Golf ClubRustic0Brandon PughApproved3 Like Review