PGA 2K23 Golf Course

TGCTours Official TGC 2019 Course List

DateCourse NameThemeDesigner NameOn Tour?Real?Lidar?Video?Likes
11/27/2020Rolling Meadows GCCountrysideMatt Prince13 Like Review
8/24/2020Solitude Ranch Golf LinksCountrysideCameron Jennings0 Like Review
8/24/2020KLM Open - TournamentCountrysideAccount Deleted0 Like Review
8/24/2020Ventana Canyon (LiDAR) v1SteppeSam Schenk2 Like Review
8/24/2020Lakeview Golf CourseRural Ricky Graber1 Like Review
8/15/2020Mile High DunesBoreal Brian Culbertson0 Like Review
8/9/2020Corbridge NationalCountrysideJay Featherstone2 Like Review
8/9/2020CC at St. Albans (Lidar)Alpine Stephan Sorg0 Like Review
8/9/2020Aurora LakeRusticDavid Gee11 Like Review
8/4/2020Winding Hollow (Tour)RusticJacob Kessler2 Like Review
8/2/2020Albatross AtollTropicalJack Volk4 Like Review
7/29/2020Como PrivatoreAutumn Kevin Cuthbert4 Like Review
7/26/2020The Cove at Buccaneer BayTropicalThomas Westfall0 Like Review
7/24/2020Black Salt Valley - KFCountrysideBen Page4 Like Review
7/24/2020Galleigh Links '20 DesignHighlandsAdam Godfrey1 Like Review
7/20/2020East Lake GC (Tour Champ)RusticFormer Member0 Like Review
7/20/2020Umbria Golf Club, ItalyCountrysideAdam Benjamin26 Like Review
7/18/2020Surfside IslandTropicalNicholas Brown1 Like Review
7/16/2020Greenwich Bluffs Golf CluHighlandsEPICDEVASTATOR4 N/A1 Like Review
7/16/2020The De'Vere @ Teeton Park CountrysideGary Nordqvist 0 Like Review
7/13/2020Pleasant Palms GCTropicalHeath Durk2 Like Review
7/13/2020Bartley Cavanaugh GCRusticRick Bartshe1 Like Review
7/13/2020Royal Hyde ParkHarvestDavid Dix3 Like Review
7/13/2020Grand Champ Nat'lCountrysideMax Amillion0 Like Review
7/13/2020The CideryHarvestCam Thompson1 Like Review
7/9/2020Beachaven (Final Edit)HighlandsGreg Taylor5 Like Review
7/9/2020The Kovango ClubDeltaRohan Swanepoel6 Like Review
7/8/2020Mauna Kea Resort & G.C.TropicalAccount Deleted2 Like Review
7/8/2020Oak Manor Golf ClubAutumn Kyle Hopeck0 Like Review
7/7/2020Jagged Wrath Golf ClubHighlandsKellen King3 Like Review
7/4/2020Mount Smitheringale GCTropicalAlex Smitheringale3 Like Review
7/2/2020Glen Riddle: Man O'War (LIDAR)Links Hunter Reeling4 Like Review
7/1/2020Checola G&BC (CC) DeltaAdam Trenton3 Like Review
6/30/2020Heather Ridge (Gold Redo)DeltaDrew Muilenburg1 Like Review
6/30/2020Milhaven Golf ClubBoreal Joe Connors1 Like Review
6/30/2020Winnock Creek GCSteppeKieran O'Dowd0 Like Review
6/30/2020Folskip OnyxCountrysideColum Condon4 Like Review
6/30/2020GraycliffAutumn Kermit Henigin1 Like Review
6/28/2020Blackwater PinesBoreal Kyle Grona2 Like Review
6/28/2020Bears Rock ForestSwissDoug Jackson1 Like Review
6/28/2020Mystic Pines Golf ClubHighlandsJames Hubert3 Like Review
6/28/2020Trinity Valley GC SwissBrian Culbertson2 Like Review
6/28/2020Hudson Valley C.C.Autumn Sean Player2 Like Review
6/28/2020Klopp’s DamDeltaSam Pond3 Like Review
6/26/2020Briar River ClubBoreal Wayne Adams4 Like Review
6/24/2020Coppertown Country Club 2CountrysideJ.R. Bell1 Like Review
6/24/2020The MS Outdoors C.C.Boreal Gerald Lemieux Jr.0 Like Review
6/24/2020The C.C. of BrookhavenBoreal Gerald Lemieux Jr.1 Like Review
6/20/2020Two Buck Chuck G.C.HighlandsAlex York2 Like Review
6/20/2020Ballybofey & StranorlarBoreal Brendan Bradley5 Like Review
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