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DateCourse NameThemeMy PlaysDesigner NameStatusOn Tour?Real?Video?Likes
1/15/2019Path of the eagles claw  Desert 0Matt WoodApproved0 Like Review
1/15/2019Tamarack Nature Walk  Delta0Thomas HudsonApproved0 Like Review
1/15/2019Penobscot Bay Golf Links  Highlands0Gary MarraApproved0 Like Review
1/15/2019Fair Oaks Ranch G.C.  Harvest0Leo BaileyApproved0 Like Review
1/15/2019Emerald Hills Golf Club  Highlands0Michael BrancaApproved0 Like Review
1/14/2019Twin Lights Golf Resort  Highlands0Marc IddonApproved0 Like Review
1/14/2019The Whitefox Club  Boreal 0Wayne AdamsApproved1 Like Review
1/13/2019Sandy Knee Golf ClubDelta0Adam HillApproved0 Like Review
1/13/2019Norse LakeHarvest0David LambApproved0 Like Review
1/13/2019Dundonald Links AyrshireHighlands0Albert MarriottApproved1 Like Review
1/13/2019Prairie Dog Dunes Countryside0Christopher TaylorApproved1 Like Review
1/11/2019Hanging Lake Country ClubSwiss0Taylor KnightApproved0 Like Review
1/11/2019The Clementine ClubCountryside0Dylan BronsonApproved2 Like Review
1/10/2019Kontawa Sports ComplexSwiss0Blake KinserApproved1 Like Review
1/9/2019Kimberley Ranges Golf ResortDelta0Adam CorriganApproved4 Like Review
1/9/2019Connemara Bay Golf ClubHighlands0Dale BurgerApproved5 Like Review
1/8/2019Rosarito Bay Golf ClubTropical0Pablo AlonsoApproved2 Like Review
1/8/2019Boa VistaDelta0Adam GodfreyApproved1 Like Review
1/8/2019St Gualberto Golf ClubRustic0James SimmonsApproved0 Like Review
1/8/2019Paako Univerity GC Steppe0Ryan NewmanApproved1 Like Review
1/7/2019Royal Bermuda Tropical0Mark DaviesApproved0 Like Review
1/7/2019Aristida Dunes ClubDelta0Matthew FritschApproved3 Like Review
1/7/2019Omari Ranch ClubDelta0Thomas PetrocelliApproved1 Like Review
1/6/2019Royal BallyloughHighlands0Rod SimpsonApproved1 Like Review
1/6/2019Royal Lytham (The Open)Links 0Lee MicklewrightApproved0 Like Review
1/5/2019Platinum Point (tour)Delta0Brendan SkillingApproved0 Like Review
1/4/2019Royal Lytham & St AnnesLinks 0Lee MicklewrightApproved1 Like Review
1/4/2019Red Rocks Golf ClubSteppe0Derek JohnsonApproved1 Like Review
1/4/2019Las Colinas del SurDelta0Ryan NewmanApproved1 Like Review
1/4/2019Easter Bay Golf LinksHighlands0Jeremy HolmeApproved1 Like Review
1/4/2019TPC ScottsdaleDesert 0Scott DoyleyApproved0 Like Review
1/4/2019Plains of Africa Tour ED Countryside0Matthew JacquesApproved3 Like Review
1/3/2019Turnbridge CC (Members)Rustic0Bryan AckleyApproved1 Like Review
1/3/2019Kamauri CliffsDelta0Brian PettyApproved4 Like Review
1/3/2019Gateway at Kass MountainSwiss0Justin ChantresApproved2 Like Review
1/2/2019Charlotte’s Pass Country ClubBoreal 0Chris BroadbentApproved0 Like Review
1/2/2019The Buck ClubCountryside0Justin SmedleyApproved5 Like Review
1/2/2019Hoback Range Sports ClubBoreal 0Jeremy MayoApproved1 Like Review
1/1/2019Royal Isabella ResortTropical0Craig LeVasseurApproved4 Like Review
1/1/2019Rat Dunes CCHighlands0Steven PetersonApproved2 Like Review
1/1/2019Paiute BasinBoreal 0Daniel KovachApproved0 Like Review
12/30/2018Bogey’s Bay GC and ResortTropical0Ryan NewmanApproved1 Like Review
12/30/2018Viking Lodge Golf ClubBoreal 0Ryan NewmanApproved1 Like Review
12/30/2018Crystal Park ChampionshipAutumn 0Sindre RevelsbyApproved6 Like Review
12/29/2018High Castle ForestSwiss0Graeme BullochApproved3 Like Review
12/28/2018Walton Golf SkidawayHighlands0Craig BryantApproved1 Like Review
12/28/2018Gator Isles Golf ResortTropical0Derek JohnsonApproved16 Like Review
12/27/2018Valle CrucisCountryside0Terry GraysonApproved1 Like Review
12/27/2018Lochloy LinksHighlands0David KendallApproved0 Like Review
12/26/2018War Admiral at GlenRiddleBoreal 0Jeff GaverApproved2 Like Review