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DateCourse NameThemeMy PlaysDesigner NameStatusOn Tour?Real?Video?Likes
9/20/2018Reservation at Tomahawque ValleyAlpine 0David AndrewsApproved22 Like Review
2/20/2019Magnolia National (Tour)Boreal 0Craig LeVasseurApproved20 Like Review
2/20/2019Copperhead Canyon (Tour)Desert 0Nick WeisgerberApproved18 Like Review
12/28/2018Gator Isles Golf ResortTropical0Derek JohnsonApproved16 Like Review
11/23/2018Kungsangen Kings - SwedenBoreal 0Mikael ThunbergApproved13 Like Review
12/3/2018Swamps @ Blue Bell Al. 18Boreal 0Curt SmithApproved12 Like Review
10/20/2018Serenity Canyons G. C.Steppe0Pablo AlonsoApproved12 Like Review
3/11/2019The Kermode Club - Whistler, BCSwiss0Andre QuennevilleApproved11 Like Review
11/27/2018The Links of LegendsHighlands0Richard WymanApproved10 Like Review
9/22/2018Augusta National '18 pinsRustic0Royce BrownApproved10 Like Review
3/2/2019The Barons Rustic0David LambApproved9 Like Review
1/19/2019The Ramparts at Harp HeadLinks 0Ryan McConnellApproved9 Like Review
10/23/2018Casa De Playa Golf ResortTropical0Dario LoganApproved9 Like Review
2/8/2019Burnt Ends GCBoreal 0Michael PetersApproved8 Like Review
10/2/2018Atlantic Inn & Beach ClubHighlands0Job FickettApproved8 Like Review
8/2/2018Bellerive C.C.Rustic0Dave WoodsApproved8 Like Review
3/11/2019Breakneck Golf ClubHighlands0Jason FowlerApproved7 Like Review
3/8/2019Scarlet Inn, GermanyCountryside0Adam BenjaminApproved7 Like Review
2/22/2019GC Bronson SpringsAlpine 0Walther HabemannApproved7 Like Review
2/21/2019The California Tour ClubTropical0Matt GeddesApproved7 Like Review
2/17/2019Lover's Leap - Casuals GCSwiss0Daryl ThomasApproved7 Like Review
2/7/2019River Islands (CC)Boreal 0Justin SmedleyApproved7 Like Review
1/2/2019The Buck ClubCountryside0Justin SmedleyApproved7 Like Review
12/30/2018Crystal Park ChampionshipAutumn 0Sindre RevelsbyApproved7 Like Review
12/22/2018Fabled Haven Golf ResortSteppe0Andre QuennevilleApproved7 Like Review
12/12/2018Walton Golf Ogden MarshBoreal 0Craig BryantApproved7 Like Review
11/16/2018Copper lake FallsSwiss0Graham BrownApproved7 Like Review
10/16/2018Sudden Valley CC [TGCT]Desert 0Justin SmedleyApproved7 Like Review
10/8/2018Appletown Golf CourseHighlands0Adam BenjaminApproved7 Like Review
4/5/2019The Dunes of Frog HollerBoreal 0Tom RauschApproved6 Like Review
3/29/2019Legends - Moorland CourseAlpine 0Jeff GaverApproved6 Like Review
3/23/2019Cabot Cliffs (LiDAR)Highlands0Brandon PughApproved6 Like Review
3/16/2019The Isle of ElyDelta0Aron Spencer Approved6 Like Review
3/13/2019Lochmann LakesSwiss0Evan KrauseApproved6 Like Review
3/5/2019Walton Golf Copper CreekBoreal 0Craig BryantApproved6 Like Review
2/19/2019Roadrunner MesaSteppe0Kevin DudleyApproved6 Like Review
2/3/2019Paradise IslandDelta0Todd DriverApproved6 Like Review
1/7/2019Aristida Dunes ClubDelta0Matthew FritschApproved6 Like Review
1/1/2019Royal Isabella ResortTropical0Craig LeVasseurApproved6 Like Review
12/11/2018Campbells Run (Tour)Countryside0Wayne AdamsApproved6 Like Review
11/30/2018Sweetens Cove Golf ClubRustic0Brian Petty & Job FickettApproved6 Like Review
11/25/2018Early-1981's Loch NessBoreal 0Mick PitcherApproved6 Like Review
10/22/2018Cape Dune at Isle of King Highlands0Matthew JacquesApproved6 Like Review
10/8/2018Carpathia (Definitive ED)Highlands0Adam BenjaminApproved6 Like Review
9/30/2018Marietta Municipal GCBoreal 0Thomas WoolwineApproved6 Like Review
8/6/2018Royal St.George's-SandwichHighlands0Dave WoodsApproved6 Like Review
4/4/2019Crosswinds Golf Course Autumn 0Marc FischerApproved5 Like Review
4/2/2019Cypress DunesSteppe0Brian PettyApproved5 Like Review
3/25/2019Tantallon Castle Highlands0JW HamiltonApproved5 Like Review
3/23/2019Valley Glenn GCHarvest0Wayne AdamsApproved5 Like Review