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DateCourse NameThemeMy PlaysDesigner NameStatusOn Tour?Real?Video?Likes
1/15/2015Magnolia National, Georgia (2016)Boreal 0Craig LeVasseurApproved184 Like Review
9/11/2015Pebble Beach Golf Links (blacks)Tropical0Brandon PughApproved96 Like Review
1/31/2015The Shakespeare, Stratford-Upon-Avon Hotel & Resort, EnglandCountryside0Chris BigginsApproved85 Like Review
1/15/2015Magnolia National, Georgia (Sunday)Boreal 0Craig LeVasseurApproved85 Like Review
10/28/2014Pinehurst #2 2016Boreal 0Craig LeVasseurApproved85 Like Review
12/23/2014Old Beaver CreekBoreal 0Bill Rader & Brian JeffordsApproved81 Like Review
1/22/2015Bison RunCountryside0Brian JeffordsApproved79 Like Review
1/15/2015Magnolia National, Georgia (Thursday)Boreal 0Craig LeVasseurApproved75 Like Review
6/18/2015Chambers Bay, WA (Sunday)Links 0Craig LeVasseurApproved71 Like Review
1/15/2015Magnolia National, Georgia (Friday)Boreal 0Craig LeVasseurApproved67 Like Review
3/30/2015The Shakespeare, Stratford-Upon-Avon Hotel & Resort, England - TourCountryside0Chris BigginsApproved65 Like Review
2/1/2015The Happy Yeti Golf ResortCountryside0Bryan CowlesApproved65 Like Review
9/3/2015Oceanic Athletic ClubHighlands0Adam BenjaminApproved64 Like Review
2/13/2016The Belfry - The BrabazonCountryside0Martyn ShawApproved62 Like Review
12/3/2014TGC @ The BavaroBoreal 0Wendy AireyApproved57 Like Review
3/16/2015The Canuck Club at Devils' EscarpementBoreal 0Andre QuennevilleApproved55 Like Review
2/10/2015Lunenberg National Golf ClubBoreal 0Andre QuennevilleApproved55 Like Review
5/11/2016Oakmont Country Club (Medium)Rustic0Craig LeVasseurApproved54 Like Review
3/30/2016Phantom's PassHighlands0Adam BenjaminApproved54 Like Review
7/20/2017Oakmont Country ClubRustic0Craig LeVasseurApproved53 Like Review
1/15/2015Lion's Gate Country Club - Jo'burg, RSACountryside0Job FickettApproved52 Like Review
6/9/2015Hobble Creek G.C.Countryside0Brandon PughApproved50 Like Review
11/14/2014Bailiwick Grand Golf ClubBoreal 0Job Fickett & Dan HebertApproved50 Like Review
2/22/2015PGA West (Palmer)[Sunday]Desert 0Rod SimpsonApproved48 Like Review
7/22/2017Roundabout Golf ClubBoreal 0Dan HebertApproved47 Like Review
3/20/2016New Monte CervinoSwiss0Antonio ScarpacciApproved47 Like Review
5/30/2015Soggy Bottom Golf ClubBoreal 0Bill RaderApproved46 Like Review
3/16/2015The Canuck Club at Angels' PlateauCountryside0Andre QuennevilleApproved46 Like Review
12/23/2014Loch Lorne Golf Club, Perthshire, ScotlandBoreal 0Chris BigginsApproved46 Like Review
5/1/2015Bunyip River Golf ClubHarvest0Elliot CawApproved45 Like Review
3/31/2015The Champions' Club at BelmontCountryside0Andre QuennevilleApproved45 Like Review
2/6/2015Tobacco DunesBoreal 0Steve PopeApproved45 Like Review
12/17/2014Kobeoshi RoyalBoreal 0Jeremy LockApproved45 Like Review
8/23/2017Fairy Falls G.C.Autumn 0Ryan N. NelsonApproved44 Like Review
9/27/2014Crawford Mines Golf ClubAlpine 0Dario LoganApproved42 Like Review
2/20/2015The Marina Golf Club Championship CourseBoreal 0David JensenApproved41 Like Review
10/24/2014Ballyntyne National Golf Club - MembershipAutumn 0Job FickettApproved41 Like Review
2/6/2016Ecliptic BayHighlands0Adam BenjaminApproved40 Like Review
3/10/2015Old High HensleyBoreal 0Chris LaneApproved40 Like Review
8/8/2017Woodhall Spa Bracken CourseCountryside0Albert MarriottApproved39 Like Review
12/4/2016Frozen Curse @ Aardvark GCAlpine 0Darren ClarkApproved39 Like Review
2/14/2016The Arizona DiamondsDesert 0Jeremy LockApproved39 Like Review
11/2/2015The Denali Club - Fairbanks, AlaskaBoreal 0Andre QuennevilleApproved39 Like Review
2/22/2015La Vallee GlacialeBoreal 0Adam BenjaminApproved39 Like Review
2/1/2015TGC Players' Club at Logan FarmCountryside0Dario LoganApproved39 Like Review
1/29/2015Lengua Del DiabloDesert 0Kenny CanhamApproved39 Like Review
4/14/2015Persimmon Valley Golf ClubHarvest0Andre QuennevilleApproved37 Like Review
3/12/2015Saddle Ridge C.C. -Sunday pinCountryside0Todd DriverApproved37 Like Review
12/23/2014Isla Madeleine Resort, São Miguel, The Azores (Lite)Links 0Chris BigginsApproved37 Like Review
9/27/2014The Club at Whispering RiverAlpine 0Dan HebertApproved37 Like Review