Course Submission Guidelines

The Course Review Process

When you submit a course to, your course will be placed in a queue where it will await a volunteer reviewer to play your course. The time table for how long it will take for a reviewer to play your course depends on the number of courses submitted and in the queue at that time and the availability of the volunteers to get to each.

The volunteer reviewers are members of the community, just like you. They are not staff members of apart from their role as a volunteer reviewer.

When a volunteer reviewer plays your course, they are charged with approving or not approving your course based on the guidelines posted here. If a course is not approved, you will receive an email that it has not been accepted. That email does not contain information as to why it was not accepted but if you would like feedback, you can send a PM in the forums to CrazyCanuck or coruler2 who will get in touch with the volunteer reviwer to obtain feedback to send to you.

If a volunteer reviewer feels a course is truly exceptional, they may recommend the course to receive a 5 Star designation. If they do so, that course will be played by Crazycanuck or coruler2 to make a final determination on whether the course is worthy of a 5 star designation.

We are no longer rating courses on a numeric scale apart from the 5 star designation. However, any member of the community may rate a course and/or submit a review of a course. The ratings you find for courses in our course database now represent a calculated value of all ratings from all community members.

Submission Guidelines

When submitting your course, you will have the opportunity to recommend your course for a particular tournament. In doing so, please review the guidelines below for the things we are looking for for our events.

Please read the descriptions below to see the guidelines for all the courses

Only the best of the best courses will be selected for Major Championship Venues.

The Masters

We are looking for difficult, hilly, "open" courses that somewhat resemble Augusta National. If someone creates a perfect replica of Augusta, we may use it for good. Otherwise, this tournament will rotate to a new course with an "Augusta" feel each year. The course should place a greater emphasis on approach shots and placement of the ball on the correct tier/area of the green to score well. Course management should be the top prerogative for the player on our Masters Courses. Invitational Golf Club HD by csugolfer60 is a good example of this.

US Open

We are looking to feature the most difficult courses that forego trickery for the US Open. Preference will be given to Par 70s and Par 71s over Par 72s. "Traditional" style golf courses are encouraged here, with tree-lined fairways, medium-firm/fast greens (that still hold shots), and length is a requirement (7000+ yards minimum). Courses that severely penalize misses will be preferred here. The player's greatest challenge should be executing shots, especially long approach shots into the greens. Theme preference will be Boreal, Countryside, Rural, Autumn, and possibly Links and Tropical. Desert and Alpine themed courses will not be considered.

The Open Championship

We are looking for "traditional" links courses here. They do not have to be built in the Links theme, but should resemble a links course with windswept grasses, few trees, pot bunkers, and interesting routings. The player's greatest challenge should be judging the wind and using ingenuity to get the ball close to the pin, not just landing/sticking darts on the greens. Preference will also be given to links courses that are fictionally set in the British Isles if your course has a back story.

PGA Championship

We will probably pick a slightly less difficult course than the US Open each year for this event. However, we are still looking for a major-championship quality venue that will test the best players. The player's greatest challenge should be driving accuracy and putting on slick greens. Boreal, Rural, and Countryside themes will be preferred here.

PGA Tour

Along with the European Tour, the PGA Tour is the competitive pinacle of professional golf in our community. Each week, TGCT will strive to find a reasonable analogue to the course being played in real life on tour that week. We will vary across themes, but we are going to be picking the best courses. If you have a real course recreation, we will use it if the course is exceptionally accurate and well-done. Otherwise, we will pick a fictional course that reasonably resembles the terrain, speed, difficulty, theme, and prestige of the course on Tour. Courses for Majors and WGC events will get even more stringent critiques as they are cross-over events with the Euro tour. FedEx Cup events will also feature the most exceptional and difficult golf courses.

European Tour

At TGC Tours, the European Tour is the competitive equivalent of the PGA Tour. We will do our best to find a close analogue for each course on tour. European Tour courses will have the greatest variety of themes, resembling the global reach of the Euro Tour and the Race to Dubai. All themes will be in play, as long as the course reasonably resembles the theme for the real life tournament each week. alpine, and desert courses mixed in. The courses for the European Tour will be mostly along the same difficulty levels as PGA Tour events, with the most difficult courses played towards the end of the season during the Race to Dubai. Tour

We are looking for courses that adhere to the same quality standards as courses for the PGA Tour. However, courses chosen for the Tour will likely be shorter (less than 7000 yards), have wider landing areas off the tee, and have slightly softer/slower greens. The courses will be difficult enough to create a competitive environment, but less challenging on average than the typical weekly grinders on the PGA Tour. For exceptionally good course designs, we will consider a more difficult version submitted for the PGA Tour and a less difficult version of the same course for the Tour (for example, if you publish a "members" edition of your course).

Champions Tour

We are looking for easy-medium courses for the Champions Tour. Ideally, these courses will have great variety across all themes. Most of these courses will be shorter (6700 yards or less) and will not severely penalize misses (wide areas of short rough, not much water, large landing areas in fairways). The Champions Tour courses may have relaxed expectations as far as time spent building the course and overall beauty/replayability. However, that is not a carte blanche to submit auto-generated courses. We are still looking for high-quality courses that the community will find fair and fun to play.