La Vallee Glaciale

Designer: Adam Benjamin
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Staff Review:

Benjamin's new course is like something we have not seen least not done THIS well. Throughout the entire round you are treated to some outstanding hole layouts that require careful consideration before execution as well as some views that are second to none. Using the glacial lake as a focal point leaves us with some spectacular shots. Bunkering and planting is top notch with extreme attention to detail taken into almost every aspect of La Vallee Glaciale. The lighting is also phenomenal.

This isn't an overly difficult course, but it is incredibly enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels.

 Another 5-star badge for Adam! Well deserved!

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2015 Alstom Open de France European Gareth Mitchell

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Member Reviews:

Awesome Course !!! Props to Adam Benjamin the designer.. Best course I have played.. Fair yet challenging.. All kinds of risk / reward type holes.. Very enjoyable round of golf.. Loved every minute of it :)
Reviewed by: Eric Lilly on 9/6/2015
Beautiful course with a very realistic feeling. Well suited for no aids play with fair but challenging greens. Plays on the easy side with aids on.
Reviewed by: Robert Karlsson on 3/3/2015

When you start the course, on the first hole you will be on top of the world.

Yes, most of the tee off are high-elevated respect to the fairway, and this means only one thing: great long drivers!!!

After all, a very well designed course, with fantastic approaches to the green. Thanks to the creator for his efforts.

Reviewed by: Stefano Canonico on 3/8/2015