White Sands National, Alamogordo, New Mexico

Designer: Jeremy Lock
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Course Description:

This course is all about: Originality, Beauty, Art and Having Some Fun in the Sun. This course is unlike anything before it, mixing polish with sand. Its not a true championship style course, but it should offer up a challenge, the main goal was to make the best looking course I could muster up, will keeping it fair and challenging at the same time. Never heard of White Sands National Park? Check it out Its one of the most beautiful places on Earth, that is the inspiration for this course. Both firmness and green speeds are right around 12 o'clock, (medium) I beleive the yardage is about 7200, give or take, a 4/10/4 course. Have fun and dont feel shy in commenting about it if you did not like it.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2015 The Grey Matter Cup Web.com Antonio Ilic
2015 The Grey Matter Cup Web-B Drake Lloyd
2015 The Grey Matter Cup Web-C Chris Jenkins

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Member Reviews:

Canuck's Course Critiques

- One of the most interesting and unique taste designs to date. Very cool idea.
- Bunkering was fantastic, which is saying alot because there is a ton of it.
- I really liked the holes that went along the water.
-Very nicely polished

- Despite the unique idea, I feel that a few of the holes felt exactly the same.
- Lots of round bunkers throughout (which I know is a signature of his, but would love to see him branch out from that)

Verdict- This was a tough one. I'm one of taste's biggest fans, but this course didn't quite do it for me. Still a very nice course and should get alot of plays in the community. 4/5 Good
Reviewed by: Andre Quenneville on 1/17/2015
Another unique creation from Tastegw!

With the ocean of sand and flowing fairways, this looks like nothing else in this game. Reminded me quite a bit of Redwood actually. I liked the look of this better, but preferred the layout of Redwood. The huge, gently, sloped greens are a good challenge even if the scale of things puts the course firmly in fantasy space.

Well worth to play multiple times as it provides a very different visual experience than most courses!
Reviewed by: Robert Karlsson on 1/18/2015
Excellent course.

Taste does it again.  Brings a whole new original feel to an existing theme.  No one does it better.

Really nice to play.  Tough but fair.

With different sand textures, this would look out of this world.

Reviewed by: Chris Biggins on 1/18/2015