Winter Harbor Golf Links

Designer: Gary Marra
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Course Description:

This linksy, rough around the edges course originally started out as a true links course. Inspired by a course in the Isle South Uist called Askernish, which Tom Doak has called one of the most underrated courses in the world, I quickly realized I couldn't pull that one off, but used some of the ideas and relocated to the shores of Winter Harbor, Maine. The course should play as a fairly simple layout ideal for a relaxing round with your favorite beverage, a friendly match, or a simple tournament. It is not meant to be particularly difficult tee to green, however, for added challenge, feel free to crank up some wind. A wind coming in off the water, (east or south east) should play the hardest. Most greens are fairly simple and rolling at 175, but should hold up at 187. The course is a Par 71 that plays 7142/6938/6753 from the Gold/Blue/Green respectively. The firmness was "stuck" on soft no matter what I did, but I recommend "moderate" for best results. Enjoy!

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2020 Summer Showdown CC-E Brian Dunlap
2020 Summer Showdown CC-Z Chris Johnson
2020 Summer Showdown CC-F Jason Hows
2020 Summer Showdown CC-G Christopher Jones
2020 Summer Showdown Beginner Brad Martin

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