Drezden Golf Emporium

Designer: Jack Reed
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Course Description:

This is a collab with myself and VctryLnSprts (who did the clubhouse area), all of the golf holes are based on real holes I have seen in flybys vids, there was no LiDAR data used and the holes are not exact copies, just loosely based strategies, this course is fictionally set in the SE corner of Georgia, hope you enjoy, seems to have a better feel with the crowds on. Even though the course appears to be relatively flat it does not play like it. There is a combination of tiered and flat greens but they still seem to be challenging if you can't put the ball close to the hole which is tough due to the approach angles on some holes. Good luck!

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2020 Afrasia Bank Mauritius Open European John Zeedyk

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