Griffin Pointe (Tour)

Designer: Andrew Hambrick
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Course Description:

Griffin Pointe is a brand new par 71 course located in Western Wyoming. The course has 4 sets of tees that can challenge the most skilled golfers in the World, while creating a fun and enjoyable round for casual golfers. Accuracy off the tee and distance control is a must. The greens can be slick so make sure to be on the correct side of the hole. Due to the location, the prevailing wind was a major factor in the design. Typically, the wind comes in from either the East, NE, or SE at a nice 9 to 10 mph (medium). If you love golf, or a great view, Griffin Pointe is the place to be.

Staff Review:

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2020 The Road to Rio Open CC-E Mitch Emmert
2020 The Road to Rio Open CC-Z Jonathan Porter
2020 The Road to Rio Open CC-F Blaine Jungwirth
2020 The Road to Rio Open CC-G Jim Holtvoigt
2020 The Road to Rio Open Beginner John Yates

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