Tavaviti Atoll Club

Thomas Petrocelli

  • Date Added: 5/13/2019
  • Theme: Tropical
  • Type: Fictional
  • Par: 72
  • Yardage: 7358
  • Green Speed: Fast
  • Firmness: Medium-Soft
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Likes: 3

Course Description:

By far my most boundary-pushing course to date, Tavaviti "exists" near the edge of realistic possibility. This fantasy layout covers the majority of a jungle-covered island, with every hole bordered on some side by mangroves. The front 9 plays over the largest single part of the island with holes 3-9 playing in somewhat switchback fashion next to each other. The back takes a different route, playing around the skinny, sandy outer edge of Tavaviti Bay in spectacular fashion. The fluid, sandy look is defined by the stark-white waste and beach bunkers, some of which stretch for hundreds of yards. Adding to that look is the white heavy rough texture that lies under the mangroves to create the look of a sand-based island, as well as the continuous fairway (The second green and twelfth tee are connected by fairway, though they are 1000+ yards apart). Oh, and please don't hit it in the mangroves. It's very difficult to hit it out without punching sideways.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

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