Old Gobhar Farms

Designer: Victor Lane
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Course Description:

Old Gobhar Farms is a collaborative design by Eric Nesbit and Terry Grayson, inspired by the running jokes between the two that their designs are "goat ranches," and so it seemed appropriate to create a championship-caliber course weaving its way through little farmsteads. The layout plays fairly long, but the greens are soft and the undulations are favorable for approach shots hit to the proper areas, and a round of golf through the rolling hills, trickling creeks, and surrounding farms is a visual treat. Enjoy!

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2019 Amazon Prime Golf Classic CC-A Tony Donohoe
2019 Amazon Prime Golf Classic CC-B Jesse Marilla
2019 Amazon Prime Golf Classic CC-C Ben Timmons
2019 Amazon Prime Golf Classic CC-D Zachary Lever

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