Einstakt Foss Golfklubbur - TGCT

Designer: Brian Jeffords

Course Description:

Einstakt Foss Golfkulbbur, translating to "Unique Waterfall Golf Club" is the national golf course of Iceland. The course is wide and open but don't let that fool you. The slopes and caries will put your club selection to the test. The hazards will only punish a poor shot but will cost you a stroke most of the time. The greens aren't too fast but they will require patience as their breaks will mess with your mind. The views will make sure you enjoy your first round. The course itself will make you come back. Even if you score well you'll swear that you left shots on the course every single time.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2018 The Open - Qualifying Tournament World 0

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