The Chastener

Designer: Eric Nesbit

Course Description:

The National Treasure of Russia, ????????, (The Chastener) located 43 miles northeast of Moscow in a city called Sergiyev Posad, is more than just a mere golf course - it’s a monument. And like all Russian monuments, it’s imposing. Russia remains rife with paradoxes, an intricate union of interrelated and persistent contrasts - old meets new, bad faces off against good, and dark struggles with light. In every facet of Russian culture there exists a sense of struggle, one that is as palpable as it is pervasive. The Chastener is designed to play difficult, to be as much a grind as daily life in the former USSR. Stay within the confines of the fairway boundaries, stick to the script laid out for you on the greens, and you can do more than just survive this par 71 track. But remember, the leash is short. Tread off the well-defined path and you will suffer.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2018 Shakeweight Invitational CC-A Jason Finch
2018 Shakeweight Invitational CC-B Andy Hollis
2018 Shakeweight Invitational CC-C Pat O'Dell

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