Hellenic Republic Golf Links

Designer: Antonio Scarpacci
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Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2018 Romeo Pasar Invitational CC-A Chuck McLoughlin
2018 Romeo Pasar Invitational CC-B Cat Hoffman
2018 Romeo Pasar Invitational CC-C Mike Salter
2019 Mustang and Corvette Classic Beginner Victor Lane
2019 Mustang and Corvette Classic CC-E Jim Flathers
2019 Mustang and Corvette Classic CC-Z Brandon Levesque
2019 Mustang and Corvette Classic CC-F Ben David
2019 Mustang and Corvette Classic CC-G Tony Mooney

Other Courses by Antonio Scarpacci

Course Name Theme Par
TPC Scarpacci West Desert 72
Scarpacci Vineyard Black Countryside 72
TPC Scarpacci West Desert 72
Scarpacci Vineyard Blue Countryside 72
The Scarpacci Narrows Autumn 72
Scarpacci's Pipeit View Countryside 72
Scarpacci National Golf Club Autumn 72
Scarpacci Vineyard (White) Countryside 73
Scarpacci Island Tropical 72
Olde Scarpacci Highlands 71
Scarpacci Strand Delta 72
Scarpacci Acres Harvest 72
Thompson Island Golf Club Highlands 72
Scarpacci Bluff (Tour) Highlands 71
Scarpacci Hollow (Tour) Rustic 72
Spectacle Island Links (Tour) Highlands 72
Scarpacci Hills Restoration Boreal 72
Scarpacci Vineyard Restoration Countryside 72
New Monte Cervino Swiss 72
Bicho de Sete Cabeças Delta 71
Paragon Park Golf Club Rustic 72
Monte Cervino Alpine 72
Scarpacci Wowie Delta 71
The Berkshires Harvest 72
MacDougall Links Highlands 72
Weymouth Landing Countryside 73
Valle de los Reyes (Garcia) TST Delta 72
Faxon Park Countryside 72
Castlebay Links on Barra (TE) Highlands 71
The Club at Greenleaf Rustic 72
Smugglers Notch Golf Club Harvest 72
Hellenic Republic Golf Links Delta 71
Thompson Island Golf Club Highlands 71

Member Reviews:

Another Antonio Scarpacci well designed golf course. Very pleasing to the eye with a breathtaking cityscape reminiscent of a city in Greece. The design is flawless and the course plays very well for any level of golfer. It was a pleasure to play this course as it was very enjoyable and fair in it's layout of each hole. Best of all I didn't get frustrated playing it like some other courses. Great job Antonio!

Reviewed by: Nunzio Camerlengo on 3/16/2018
This one has a town built on the side of a hill. Top notch design. It looks awesome. This is a good test if golf with low score potential. Don't stop too long to enjoy the sights. Great designing, man.
Reviewed by: Ethan W Ferry on 3/27/2018
Antonio nails it again. This course is an absolute gem with meticulous attention to detail. Aesthetically on point with stunning sight lines. Just a joy to play
Reviewed by: Jim McCarthy on 3/31/2018