The Kenzatillie Club (Tour)

Designer: Matthew Essig

Course Description:

The Kenzatilie Club was built to pay homage to two of the best golf course architects, Dr. Alister MacKenzie and A.W. Tillinghast. When I started the contest, I went in thinking of doing a MacKenzie tribute, but seeing as I'm in the Tillinghast bracket, I decided to use features that both architects used. All of the holes are named after a well respected course that one of the two built. Some of the holes are similar to a hole you might find on the course, or it might be an even looser interpretation with only some minor feelings of that course because of the features I selected. The Kenzatillie Club is a more laid-back club. Walking or push carts only. A small, quiet clubhouse sits atop a hill with the 1st and 10th tees just alongside the porch. The members are here for the golf course and talking about golf at the 19th hole. The course is routed up, down, and along a hill that sits above Lake Leeds.

Staff Review:

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2018 The Alister MacKenzie Heritage European Jon Robinson
2018 Bass Pro Fall Classic CC-D Brandon Beasley
2018 Bass Pro Fall Classic CC-E Kris Fox
2018 Bass Pro Fall Classic CC-Z Adam Cronk

Other Courses by Matthew Essig

Course Name Theme Par
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