Designer: Eric Lilly

Course Description:

Welcome to Hookenslice.. This is my first TGC2 design... Swing difficulty was my inspiration.. Are you struggling hitting fairways off the tee ? Hookenslice is the course for you ! The course features many possible landing areas off the tee.. Good shots down the middle will give you flat lies and better angles to the pin.. If you play smart you can get a little wild off the tee at Hookenslice and still have a clean shot into the greens.. The fairways are firm.. The greens are firm and the green speed is 175... Most of the greens feature light breaks and makeable putts.. I had a blast designing this one and hope some of you enjoy the course..

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2018 Tilted Kilt Invitational CC-D Brian McGhee
2018 Tilted Kilt Invitational CC-E Chris Moody
2018 Tilted Kilt Invitational CC-Z Brooks Pletcher

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