Bridge Park Golf Club

Designer: Greg Farnsworth
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Course Description:

My first stab at a fictional course. While there are not crazy breaks on most of the greens (most of the courses i have played in real life do not have 1 foot L/R breaks on every hole), I did try to make it so you can be punished by hitting too far or short on the greens. Either way, most important thing for me is giving others a new course to play, as well as community feedback so that i can improve on future course builds.

Tournaments Hosted

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No hosted tournaments for this course.

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Course Name Theme Par
Bridge Park Golf Club Rural 72

Member Reviews:

Really, really enjoyed playing this course. All of the holes are well presented, and there are 4 or 5 that are superb. One of the prettiest courses I've played.

However, a couple of points I would suggest just to make it the finished article.

It's a bit on the easy side, shot 60 (-12) in testing conditions, but was -11 through 13. A few more breaks on the greens would make it more of a challenge.

Also, having the same cut of rough around all the hazards would make the course look even better. A couple of the fairways followed the lines of some of the bigger bunkers and it didn't look quite right, I would also suggest the light rough surround the bunkers for a tidier look.

Other than these two issues, this a real cracker of a course, and would love to play it again with these two points rectified.


Reviewed by: Dave Preece on 4/17/2017