Smuggler's Loch GC

Designer: Brent Gravelle

Course Description:

Smuggler's Loch is an ideal marriage of beauty of playability.
Lush fairways and softer greens are very receptive to approach shots, making Smuggler's an enjoyable go round for all skill levels.
The sight lines from hole to hole make it easy to get caught up admiring the natural beauty of the layout.

World renown designer Yeltzman proclaimed: "So Natural looking and a beautiful design. Course rewards good shots as well, but the greens just tough enough to punish a bad one..." and " the hole design, and one of the best clubhouses I've seen on the 9th, Instant classic in my view!"
A few key sports to look out for:
#7, tribute to #7 at Pebble Beach.
#17, tribute to #14 floating green at Coeur D'Alene.
Clubhouse view on 9, 17 and 18.

Check them all out today!
Smuggler's Loch GC
Smuggler's Loch (RED)
Smuggler's Loch (BLACK)
Smuggler's Loch (BLUE)
Smuggler's Loch (GREEN)
Smuggler's Loch (Par 3)

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2016 The Caddyshack Open CC-A Bill Hibbard
2016 The Caddyshack Open CC-B Steve Lane
2016 The Caddyshack Open CC-C Nathan Crossley
2016 The Caddyshack Open CC-D Tommy Harris
2016 The Caddyshack Open CC-E Dave Grif
2016 The Caddyshack Open CC-Z Chris Preece
2017 Northern Trust Open True Sim Bradley Garcia
2017 The Golf4All Memorial Cup CC-D Reginald Huggins
2017 The Golf4All Memorial Cup CC-E Troy Kuziel
2017 The Golf4All Memorial Cup CC-Z Devin Foreman

Other Courses by Brent Gravelle

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Member Reviews:

This is the type of course I would flock to if it was a real course in my local area. Aesthetically perfect and flawlessly designed. Plays very well yet can really nip you if you get complacent. Just a gem!
Reviewed by: Jim McCarthy on 9/2/2016