Tye Dunes II

Designer: Patrick Yates
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Course Description:

Opening in late 2015, Tye Dunes had swift success and was chosen as host for both PGA and Web.com events in early 2016. Despite the acclaim, the millionaire owner of Tye Dunes was outraged at the 'ridiculousness' of the course. Being of modest ability, he was unable to break 100 on his first outing and refused to return to the site. Threatening a swift closure the staff were faced with no choice but to completely re-construct the course. "We decided to completely start from scratch on this one", said course architect Patrick Yates, "we were told that none of the holes could even remotely remind the owner of the original holes... ripping apart those original holes hurt but it had to be done". The result is the slightly easier Tye Dunes II, be warned there is still potential there for a difficult setup, but at the heart is a course that should offer some challenges for all levels of golfer, but expect some low scores from the best. Enjoy

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2016 EA Sports Memorial CC-A Stewart Franklin
2016 EA Sports Memorial CC-B Dave Warder
2016 EA Sports Memorial CC-C Matthias Widmann
2016 EA Sports Memorial CC-D Billy Mitchell
2016 EA Sports Memorial CC-E Apollo Neill
2016 EA Sports Memorial CC-Z Antonio Laso
2017 U.S. Open True Sim Bob Balzhiser

Other Courses by Patrick Yates

Course Name Theme Par
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Member Reviews:

Nice course.  A lot a design work was put into this one to make sure each hole played differently from the last.  A great course for a tournament as long as you practice the course a good bit.  Because depending on pin position, there are a few holes that will bite the uninitiated.  There is not a lot a random things in the course just to have them.  Most everything has a purpose.  A great course for CC players with medium greens and easier pins.  A good course for Web with harder greens or harder pins.  PGA folks would even get a great challenge from this one I think. 

Definitely a score able course, or your worst nightmare.  That's a good thing...

Well rounded...  I'd give this one an A  
Reviewed by: Michael Earl on 9/18/2016

For me personally I don't understand why yellow and red lines have to be put on the greens so close in relationship to the hole. I am not so good at this game as I am in the CC-D but I enjoy playing this game. When courses are picked for the ability of the players in that level their skill level is not being taken into account by whomever picks a course for a CC tournament. I know my ability in this game and I wish I knew the secrets of the players who are very good.


Reviewed by: Nunzio Camerlengo on 9/22/2016