Designer: Steve Pope

Course Description:

Barefoot Dye Course is my latest course that is taken from the Barefoot Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. I pretty much followed the routing of the course but took my own design liberties for this rendition. The greens are my own shaping/sloping ideas but I took some ideas from the limited pics I could find. Also, the greens I measured with the Blue Golf tool, so the green sizes are pretty spot on for most of the greens. Tornament Tees: 7218 yards Greens: Firmness-medium/firm, Speed, Medium/fast. (The ball stops pretty good with all clubs) Fairways: medium I will release 3 more Tournament courses soon. This will serve as the Thursday course. Enjoy my latest design. Steve Pope

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2016 Myrtle Beach Invitational CC-A Jason Dowey
2016 Myrtle Beach Invitational CC-B Steve Sommers
2016 Myrtle Beach Invitational CC-C Donald Tagariello
2016 Myrtle Beach Invitational CC-D Carmen Cucchiaio
2016 Myrtle Beach Invitational CC-E Jeff Greene
2016 Myrtle Beach Invitational CC-Z Steve Durrant

Other Courses by Steve Pope

Course Name Theme Par
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