Promenade Golf Club

Designer: Adam Benjamin
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Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2016 Puerto Rico Open PGA Jesse Young
2017 Australian PGA Championship European Brian Murphy

Other Courses by Adam Benjamin

Course Name Theme Par
Explorer Ridge Golf Club Countryside 72
La Vallee Glaciale Boreal 72
Ascension Bay (definitive EDN) Links 72
Celtic Vineyard Golf Club Links 72
Carbonear Island Golf Course Links 71
Empyreal Hills Golf Club Countryside 71
Freshwater Golf Club Highlands 71
Oceanic Athletic Club Highlands 72
Ottaberry Golf Club Highlands 71
Ecliptic Bay Highlands 71
Phantom's Pass Highlands 71
Athena Academy Golf Course Highlands 71
Ironfall Golf Club Harvest 71
Whirlwind National Park Boreal 71
Hopeshire Golf Club, England (Euro Tour) Rustic 71
Sky Chariot Golf Club Delta 70
Angelwood Golf Club Rustic 71
Jupitor Ridge Rustic 72
Royal Ethalwind Highlands 71
Wintergreen Golf Club Boreal 72
Empress Hills Countryside 72
Ocean of Memories Highlands 72
White Rapids Golf Club Boreal 73
Vienna Golf Club Rustic 71
Cranberry GolfKlub, Schweiz Autumn 72
Flatrock Golf Course (CIRCA 1995) Highlands 72
Ginger Bay Golf Club Delta 71
Appletown Golf Course Highlands 71
Pearl Mountain Golf Club Swiss 72
Carpathia (Definitive ED) Highlands 72
Valmont Golf Club Swiss 72
Olympus Grand Delta 71
Ocean Perpetual Golf Club Highlands 71
Scarlet Inn, Germany Countryside 72
Club Belvedere, France Rustic 71
Amaryllis Club, Barbados Tropical 72
Arnica Golf Club Boreal 73
Ironfall 2 Autumn 73

Member Reviews:

It was long ago established that Adam arguably creates the best, most realistic, and most stunning environments for a course. You expect to be exhilarated when you play one of his courses, and if you are designer, demoralized by how much better he is than you are. That is why it was such a shock to see how bad this course looked!

Just kidding, this course is amazing, as expected.

So how does the course play? The hole designs are quite straightforward, with the exception of some of the short and potentially drivable par 4's. There are a few long par 5's and a handful of long par 4's in the 7300 yard routing, but enough short holes and reachable par 5's to offer some good scoring chances. With that said, there aren't really many holes that stick out as memorable playing experiences, so the strength of the course mostly rests on its visuals.

Your scoring will depend on how well you handle the fast (187) greens, and how close you can place your approach shots near pins where the green is designed to deflect shots away. I don't know what is in store for the PGA players in TGC Tours, but for the regular player, this should be just one stop on your full "More by Designer Tour" of Adam's library.
Reviewed by: Craig LeVasseur on 3/14/2016