The Walker Course Clemson, SC

Designer: William Bradford

Course Description:

The Walker Course is located in Clemson, South Carolina. It is near the college campus and just above Lake Hartwell,. Course serves as home for the Clemson University 2003 NCAA national champion golf team. The Walker Course plays easy to medium and would be a great fit for a CC Tournament.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2016 |Secondary Event| - WestJet Open True Sim Jimmy Sheridan
2017 2017 Q-School CC-D Ryan Hill
2017 2017 Q-School CC-E Eric Hanson II
2017 2017 Q-School CC-Z Daniel Lefevre

Other Courses by William Bradford

Course Name Theme Par
Mistwood Golf Course Highlands 72
Hillcrest Golf & CC Highlands 71
Golf Club of Houston Tour Rustic 72
Golf Club of Houston Rustic 72

Member Reviews:

a very fair golf course.
greens run at a nice pace.
nice wide fairways. 
well worth a visit.
Reviewed by: Eamonn Dowd on 11/5/2015
A well-executed real course rendition. The designer has done a very nice job in shaping the course, with smooth lines and nice planting. It feels very much like an existing course. It is not a very difficult course, but the med-slow and med-soft conditions can be tricky to get used to. I'd say it took me 12-13 holes to really get a feel for the greens. The unfortunate downside to this one for me is that I didn't find the course all that interesting or memorable, which is a shame because it is built so well.
Reviewed by: Craig LeVasseur on 12/28/2015

Judging by the courses official website ( this seems to be a relatively accurate recreation of the real life course. Everything is neat and tidy and all the bunkers etc seem to be in the right place but this recreation is very flat in places and lacks the elevation changes and sculpting that make the real life version more interesting visually.

The course itself plays well enough but is a little too easy for my tastes and very little thought is really required from the tee or with approach shots (I shot -13 without too much effort). Of course, being a real life recreation, there isn't a huge amount that can be done about the hole layout but making the greens firmer and trickier would have helped up the difficulty a bit.

Reviewed by: Dean Lowdon on 2/26/2016