The Sneaky Yeti Golf Facility and Vegetable Market

Designer: Bryan Cowles

Course Description:

A beautiful venue seated in the pacific northwest. The course has some highlands holes, which offer amazing vistas of the shorelines, as well as some lowlands holes that are closer to sea level. As with all my courses, playability, beauty and challenging approach shots make for an enjoyable golf experience.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

Other Courses by Bryan Cowles

Course Name Theme Par
Mount Yeti Royal Golf Links Alpine 72
Yeti National CC at Sasquatch Pointe Links 72
The Happy Yeti Golf Resort Countryside 72
Haunted Forest CC at Yeti Lake Alpine 72
Hoodoo Hills Remastered: The Gold Course at Yeti Gorge Desert 72
Mount Yeti Royal Highlands Highlands 72
Dr. Yeti's 9 Hole Haven at Crater Lake Autumn 36
Dr. Yeti's Par 3 Paradise at Crater Lake Autumn 27
Green Yeti Mountain Resort Rustic 72

Member Reviews:

  1. This is a beautiful course..absolutely spectacular views
  2. Great use of bunkers, fencing, and animals..
  3. I felt like I was in the Grand Tetons...also i was looking out for Kodiak bears..
  4. The 12th and 15th are great par 3's
  5. This is a course that is a joy to play
  6. The only Dr. Yeti course that could be better is the yeti par 3 one
  7. I wish he could make some of his his courses even more fantasy like...
  8. Possibly a medieval theme
  9. have to play it...peter anfindsen Topeka
Reviewed by: Peter Anfindsen on 10/11/2015
This is the best course i have played on TGC .Fab views good greens,fairways have some great slopes. nice deep sand traps.This is a course you will play many times and always enjoy it.A work of art Yeti many thanks 10/10
Reviewed by: Eamonn Dowd on 11/2/2015