Oceanic Athletic Club

Designer: Adam Benjamin
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Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2016 Oceanic Airlines Open CC-A Andrew Hollibaugh
2016 Oceanic Airlines Open CC-B Daxon Blaze
2016 Oceanic Airlines Open CC-C Rich Taylor
2016 The Masters Tournament Qualifying CC-D Martyn Clarke
2016 Oceanic Airlines Open CC-E Jazalyn Piekos
2016 Oceanic Airlines Open CC-Z Daniele Zambardi
2016 Billy Mays Memorial CC-A Logan Beilke
2016 Billy Mays Memorial CC-B Joe Lineker
2016 Billy Mays Memorial CC-C Landon Harwell
2016 EA Sports Memorial CC-D Eric Intili
2016 Billy Mays Memorial CC-E Brian Saxton
2016 Billy Mays Memorial CC-Z Michael Collins
2017 Beau's Brewing Company Tapped Keg Open CC-D Luke Walker
2017 Beau's Brewing Company Tapped Keg Open CC-E Dylan Ford
2017 Beau's Brewing Company Tapped Keg Open CC-Z Frank Perillo

Other Courses by Adam Benjamin

Course Name Theme Par
Explorer Ridge Golf Club Countryside 72
La Vallee Glaciale Boreal 72
Ascension Bay (definitive EDN) Links 72
Celtic Vineyard Golf Club Links 72
Carbonear Island Golf Course Links 71
Empyreal Hills Golf Club Countryside 71
Freshwater Golf Club Highlands 71
Promenade Golf Club Tropical 72
Ottaberry Golf Club Highlands 71
Ecliptic Bay Highlands 71
Phantom's Pass Highlands 71
Athena Academy Golf Course Highlands 71
Ironfall Golf Club Harvest 71
Whirlwind National Park Boreal 71
Hopeshire Golf Club, England (Euro Tour) Rustic 71
Sky Chariot Golf Club Delta 70
Angelwood Golf Club Rustic 71
Jupitor Ridge Rustic 72
Royal Ethalwind Highlands 71
Wintergreen Golf Club Boreal 72
Empress Hills Countryside 72
Ocean of Memories Highlands 72
White Rapids Golf Club Boreal 73
Vienna Golf Club Rustic 71
Cranberry GolfKlub, Schweiz Autumn 72
Flatrock Golf Course (CIRCA 1995) Highlands 72
Ginger Bay Golf Club Delta 71
Appletown Golf Course Highlands 71
Pearl Mountain Golf Club Swiss 72
Carpathia (Definitive ED) Highlands 72
Valmont Golf Club Swiss 72
Olympus Grand Delta 71
Ocean Perpetual Golf Club Highlands 71
Scarlet Inn, Germany Countryside 72
Club Belvedere, France Rustic 71
Amaryllis Club, Barbados Tropical 72
Arnica Golf Club Boreal 73
Ironfall 2 Autumn 73

Member Reviews:

- really awesome environment and architecture
- last two holes are gems!
- quite difficult course, but not impossible

- with wind, some holes could be really tricky...

Reviewed by: Albert Swinger on 9/4/2015
Every course Adam designs seems to have a unique element that no one else has thought of or attempted to create. This is my favorite looking course I've played so far (with the possible exception of a Magnolia National). So much creativity and attention to detail. Planting is fantastic. Love the street and buildings on 1 & 3 and the baseball diamond is a unique idea. The rocks and sand on 18 make it the best looking ocean side hole I've seen. And the tall grasses on the other holes help to really draw you into the environment. 

As for how the course plays - on the one hand, very low scores will be shot by top level players. I had 3 eagles in a round. The course features five par 5s and two driveable par 4s. Normally I like tougher courses but I fell in love with this one. An occasional bad hole is possible or maybe even likely because you feel baited into taking chances and going at every pin trying to score low.

Players of all levels can enjoy this course. Excellent design work!
Reviewed by: Andrew Linquist on 9/4/2015

I do not know who was the "OFFICIAL" reviewer of this course, but IMHO this is a course that every "new designer" should play and study every detail used in this design.

This is what a well designed course should look like.  No, this doesn't have anything to do with Green Speeds or firmness of fairways, or Greens, these are simply subjective and a simple slider adjustment.

I am talking about "PAYING ATTENTION TO DETAILS" ... This designer did not miss a trick.  

Sure, there were a few subjective things I personally would loved to seen done, but in no way takes away from superior design work for tee to green.

This is a GOLD Standard course for GNCD designers.  And to top it off, this course was done on a console.

I only wish I had his skills, and why Adam is in my book, one of my top ten all-time best. Maybe in my top 5.

Even the Long Par 3's were thought out.  They're not going to be impossible to reach in a strong headwind.  They is enough area to land a bit short without getting into too much trouble and still have opportunity to say par.  Greens were fair, Fairways were wide enough for the intended landing zones.  Shot shaping made the course a fun short course. Elevation changes were nicely done.  Making the sub 7000 yard course, proof you do not need a long 7400 yard course to be tough enough to offer a challenge to the pro tour golfer.
Reviewed by: David Jensen on 9/6/2015
This course has everything you want even a baseball field on it ! Incredible detail and a fun challenge very well done nice job!
Reviewed by: Christopher Taylor on 9/7/2015

There is a baseball diamond here, and as far as I'm concerned Adam hit this one out of the ballpark.First it plays very smoothly, which for the amount of detail on this course is amazing in itself.

The biggest things as far as I'm concerned are the beautiful views and vistas, especailly as the flyby cameras are concerned. Its a pure pleasure to play this course again and again, I only wish I had the skills and imagination to create a course like this.

 I could go on and on, but then I would be just taking time away from you, when you could be playing this course. So stop reading and start playing today !

Reviewed by: Bruce MacPhail on 10/14/2015
A bit on the easy side. Which is being nitpicky, because who wants to spoil the walk on this course? Just an absolute clinic on attention to detail, and very lifelike, believable detail at that. This is simply a course that anyone who owns TGC should play, and one of the handful of courses that should be fired up if you were showing this game to a newcomer.
Reviewed by: Craig LeVasseur on 5/11/2016
Compliments to Adam Benjamin on a great design. Liked the baseball pitch. Even in high winds course wasn't overly tough but proved to be a good challenge. Well done Adam on a very nicely designed course.
Reviewed by: Paul Williams on 5/23/2016