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Compete in weekly golf tournaments with the best players in the world, showcase your amazing course designs, show off your latest on course highlight, or just be a part of our awesome community.


How to Get Started.


Create An Account

Establish your account and fill in the important information. Pay special attention to filling in your must match exactly. Opt-in to 3rd Party services in the game.

Create An Account

Read Our Rules/Info

There is a lot of information to know and our Rules and Information is the place to learn it all. Give it a thorough reading.

Read the Rules & Info

Register to Qualify

The first step in playing is to qualify for a tour. You can try to qualify every week until you earn a tour card.

Register for Qualifying

Play the Qualifying Event

Find and join the society in the game called TGCTours (Challenge Circuit). Play all rounds of your Qualifying Event and then check our leaderboard.

Qualifying Schedule
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How the Tours work

The main tours are comprised of the Pro Tours (Platinum, Elite, Kinetic) and the Challenge Circuit (CC-A through CC-L). All of these tours play on the same difficulty settings (Pro Difficulty) but with varying aids turned on or off depending on the level. Players can progess from one level to the next via promotions and demotions based on your play. Each tour plays one event per week. Only the tour for which you have a tour card will show your scores and count for your progress, but you can play the other events in game for fun.

To qualify for one of the main tours, you need to compete in the weekly Qualifying Pool. A limited number of spots become available and the best performers for that week of Qualifying will earn a tour card for the main tours. If you do not qualify, don't worry. You can try again the next week. In fact, you'll be automatically registered for the next Qualifying Pool until you either Qualify or opt out.

For those that want to try three-click with the new game, we have an additional more tour called the 3-Click tour. This tour is separate from the main tours and you can only participate in this tour by opting in on your profile page.

Finally, we have one additional tour called the True Sim tour. This tour uses settings that are the most sim-like (no green grids, no wind meter, etc). Players may participate in one of the main tours and the True Sim / 3-Click tours simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Please use the same account you've used previously. If you've changed systems, please update your profile accordingly, but please use the same account.
Currently, we support play on Steam (PC), Xbox One, Xbox One S/X, and PS4/PS5.
You will need a copy of the game PGA 2K23 for Steam, Xbox, or PlayStation. Links are available in our site footer to those stores. And, you will need a Microsoft-manufactured XB1 Controller or Sony-manufactured PS4 controller. Other controller brands will not work on our tours.
No, this site is completely free and run by volunteers. We do accept donations and sponsorships to offset our server and admin costs.
The most common reason that scores do not populate is that the gamertag you have in your profile does not match what shows on the leaderboard within the game when you play. These must match exactly for our system to find your scores. If you are 100% certain that your gamertags match, and you've waited at least 20 minutes since completing your round, please open a support ticket for assistance.

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