TGC Tours - Official TGC2 Course List

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DateCourse NameThemeMy PlaysDesigner NameStatusOn Tour?Real?Video?Likes
7/25/2017Crows CreekHarvest0John SokalApproved2 Like Review
7/22/2017Saxon Bay Golf LinksHighlands0Jeremy HolmeApproved2 Like Review
7/21/2017Mull of Kintyre LinksHighlands0Albert MarriottApproved2 Like Review
7/14/2017Harvest Hills Par 3 CourseHarvest0Dean LowdonApproved2 Like Review
7/14/2017Quinta Do Lago South Course Countryside0Albert MarriottApproved2 Like Review
7/12/2017Georgia Pine's National Pin's #1 MediumAlpine 0Ty PendleyApproved2 Like Review
7/12/2017Chatwood HillsCountryside0Terry AndersonApproved2 Like Review
7/11/2017Stadium Course @Wicked Shadows Rustic0Christopher TaylorApproved2 Like Review
7/5/2017Jackfish JungleDelta0Jeremy LockApproved2 Like Review
7/4/2017Kiawah KeysTropical0Jeremy LockApproved2 Like Review
7/2/2017Calderfield country clubAutumn 0Treva WilliamsApproved2 Like Review
6/16/2017The Silver Lake Golf ClubCountryside0James ArgentApproved2 Like Review
6/11/2017Golf de la Vallee des FougeresBoreal 0Pablo AlonsoApproved2 Like Review
5/5/2017The Fuller's FieldHarvest0Jericho DailyApproved2 Like Review
4/10/2017Seenbayer Park G.C.Rustic0Jeremy MayoApproved2 Like Review
3/21/2017Mt. KesslerSwiss0Jacob KesslerApproved2 Like Review
3/18/2017Tonken's Crest GCCountryside0Chuck ThomasApproved2 Like Review
2/25/2017Wanderers Club @ Bluestone Boreal 0Mitch KiserApproved2 Like Review
1/25/2017Granite Pass Golf ClubSwiss0Matthew FritschApproved2 Like Review
1/1/2017Old YarbroughBoreal 0Chuck ThomasApproved2 Like Review
12/29/2016Matterhorn Golf ClubSwiss0Brandon PughApproved2 Like Review
11/4/2016Teapot PointRustic0Roger RamjetApproved2 Like Review
5/11/2016Valley of the kingsDesert 0Mick PitcherApproved2 Like Review
4/21/2016Perky's private islandTropical0Mick PitcherApproved2 Like Review
4/20/2016Barra da Tijuca- TGC2Tropical0Terry GraysonApproved2 Like Review
3/29/2016Propellor Island ArchipelagoTropical0Ken WiseApproved2 Like Review
10/11/2015Dunham Woods CC (Sunday)Harvest0Brian TorrenceApproved2 Like Review
6/21/2018RTJ- Golf Club (Tour Edition  Harvest0Michael FloodApproved1 Like Review
6/21/2018The Club at Old Mill Creek  Boreal 0Bradley StuartApproved1 Like Review
6/20/2018Club Tropicana (TGC2 tour)  Tropical0Darren ClarkApproved1 Like Review
6/20/2018Orion’s Gate Golf and CC  Rural 0Zack SimptonApproved1 Like Review
6/17/2018The Preserve at NeedlewoodAutumn 0Adam GodfreyApproved1 Like Review
6/12/2018Valley View off hwy 89, UtahRustic0Scott BaileyApproved1 Like Review
6/8/2018Badlands NationalCountryside0Matthew RollysonApproved1 Like Review
6/6/2018Sandford Park GC 1.1Rustic0Mark HearnApproved1 Like Review
6/4/2018Prestwick Golf club. ScotlandHighlands0Kenneth CavanaApproved1 Like Review
6/3/2018MarahuteHighlands0Adam GroveApproved1 Like Review
5/31/2018Ginger Bay Golf ClubDelta0Adam BenjaminApproved1 Like Review
5/22/2018Samphire Golf LinksHighlands0Jeremy HolmeApproved1 Like Review
5/18/2018Twin state country clubHarvest0Chris BirdApproved1 Like Review
5/6/2018Fenrir's TrailBoreal 0Joe ConnorsApproved1 Like Review
5/5/2018The Shores at Gondawana GCDelta0Roy HowellApproved1 Like Review
5/4/2018Hibiki HillsBoreal 0Brent GravelleApproved1 Like Review
5/4/2018TPC Crow RunAutumn 0Justin CibochApproved1 Like Review
5/4/2018 Crystal Ridge ClubSwiss0Marc FischerApproved1 Like Review
4/28/2018Sapelo Island Golf Club Delta0Jesse RiceApproved1 Like Review
4/27/2018Greenbrier CC (Championship) Rustic0Joe GreenhalghApproved1 Like Review
4/25/2018Attaturk GC at CappodociaDelta0David DixApproved1 Like Review
4/23/2018Three Eyed RavenBoreal 0David AndrewsApproved1 Like Review
4/23/2018Renaissance Country ClubRustic0Pablo AlonsoApproved1 Like Review