Bearded Pelican Golf Links

Designer: Patrick Lawless

Course Description:

Playing over the hills and through the valleys of the tropical island fictionally located off the Western coast of Barbados, Bearded Pelican Golf Links stretches out over 7400 yards from the championship tees (Gold) and features wide fairways that offer multiple landing areas. The concept of the course was to, in the designer's words, "emphasize distance and spin, and de-emphasize accuracy," and the goal is to reward well-executed, aggressive play. Finding the extremely wide fairways shouldn't be much of a problem, but finding the best part of the fairway is the key to scoring. Fairways are often bisected by hazards, slopes and ridges, and long-hitters will be able to carry hazards, get a better angle for an approach and reach flat areas of fairways. Grab those Tour sticks and let it fly!

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2018 The Brian Blessed Links Championship CC-A Rob Mathieu
2018 The Brian Blessed Links Championship CC-B Joey DeLuca
2018 The Brian Blessed Links Championship CC-C René Van Triet

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