The Issaquah Sky Course

Designer: Sean Gaines

Course Description:

As usual I never have a plan or design in mind going into these things but somehow it just all comes together. I really just enjoy the whole course design process, it's a nice looking course, probably not the most challenging for the top players but enough for the average golfer to enjoy.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2017 Nice Shot Championship CC-A Gordon Allan
2017 Nice Shot Championship CC-B Ashton Fox
2017 Nice Shot Championship CC-C Michael Gerrard

Other Courses by Sean Gaines

Course Name Theme Par
Rattlesnake Lake GC Desert 72
Hassayampa Hill GC Harvest 72
Rattlesnake Lake Golf Club Desert 72
Sundance Shoals Tropical 72
Rattlesnake Lake Golf Club Desert 72
Hassayampa Hills Golf Resort Harvest 71
The Old Pines at Skunk Creek Swiss 72
The Troubadour at Ghost Lake Boreal 72
The Hovatter Mines Eighteen Swiss 73
The Descanso Greens Rustic 72
The Issaquah Sky Course Autumn 72
Rusk Harbor Links 72
The Country Gables Course Rustic 73
The Daisy Mountain Greens Swiss 72