Unfinished Sympathy Golf Ground

Designer: Ola Ericsson

Course Description:

Unfinished, but decided to publish in an effort to move platform to PCWORLD. Originally created to be a part of the CC Summer Showdown Design Competition, but abandoned in favour of a different course.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2017 2016 Q-School CC-A Sean Miller
2017 2016 Q-School CC-B Rob Amos
2017 2016 Q-School CC-C Tommy Harris

Other Courses by Ola Ericsson

Course Name Theme Par
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The Copse @ Malkie Coast Highlands 71
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Cul de Sac GC Countryside 72
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Unfinished Sympathy Golf Ground Rustic 72
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The Dusty Lion Club (East) Highlands 71
The Dusty Lion Club (West) Highlands 71
Princess of China Delta 72