Pirates Lair

Designer: Terry Anderson

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2017 The Lake of Bays Classic CC-A Paul Walding
2017 The Lake of Bays Classic CC-B Paul Giraud
2017 The Lake of Bays Classic CC-C Tommy Harris

Other Courses by Terry Anderson

Course Name Theme Par
The Black Course at Stonebriar Countryside 70
Shadows Trail Rustic 72
Boettcher Park Countryside 71
Camas Hills Golf Club Rustic 72
Battlegrove C.C. Countryside 72
Emory Point Highlands 72
Old Stonewood Golf Course Countryside 72
Chatwood Hills Countryside 71

Member Reviews:

I am in the CC-C for now and I just finished the tournament which had Pirates Lair as the tournament course. I had difficulty with the last 2 rounds as I couldn't hit the fairways & couldn't putt. I feel that your greens in the last round were unfair. Your fairway design was also tough for me as there were sand traps put in great spots were accuracy was a must. The course is good and I just expressing how I played it as my abilities obviously were not good enough to play it well.
  Now if I were a better player I would  be praising your course. Overall it's a good course design. The difficulty rating is also misleading. I hope you understand where I am coming from.
     I also feel whomever picks the courses should think about the overall caliber of play by the participants in that tour, yes some will have no problem while others will have a tough time but that's nature of the game. Also for each round course conditions should be displayed such as green speed, and firmness.

Reviewed by: Nunzio Camerlengo on 1/21/2017